5 Natural Ways To Cure Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections or UTI is a common condition that afflicts people of all age groups. The infection which is caused by bacteria can produce symptoms such as pelvic discomfort, frequent urination and most commonly lasting pain while urinating. While in severe cases, the only alternative is to seek medical advice, there are also some natural ways of treating this condition in the early stages.

Although if you are suffering from severe pain it is better to consult a doctor, you can try some natural cures for alleviating UTI. Continue reading to get an idea about some simple but effective remedies for curing urinary tract infections the natural way.

Curing Urinary Tract Infections The Natural Way

Enhance Your Body’s Alkalinity

Microorganisms such as bacteria which cause UTI proliferate in acidic surroundings that lack oxygen. Hence, a sure-shot way of treating infections in the urinary tract is by increasing your system’s alkalinity. You can augment the alkalinity levels of your body by including more and more alkaline foods in your diet.


Some of the best alkaline foods which can fight off UTI include fresh veggies, nuts such as cashews, pistachios as well as peanuts and coconut oils.

Drink Adequate Amount Of Water

Drinking less water gives bacteria the perfect environment to thrive as the body fails to remove impurities and toxins from the system. So, to successfully combat urinary tract infections, you need to drink plenty of water to make sure that the body gets cleansed and remains sufficiently hydrated.

Drink Adequate Amount Of Water

A well-hydrated body has better blood circulation which transfers more oxygen to the UTI sites. This makes the environment hostile for the bacteria’s survival.

Include Fresh Juices In Your Diet

Fresh juices are rich in nutrients which clean the urinary tract and eliminate microorganisms that might exist in it. In addition to this, fresh juices such as that of cranberry and blueberry also improve the body’s immunity levels which further helps in combating the bacterial infections.

Include Fresh Juices In Your Diet

Heath experts emphasize that if you are diagnosed with UTI make sure that you drink at least a glass of fresh juice daily. The antimicrobial property of blueberry and cranberry juices is known to play a key role in curing urinary tract infections.

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Use A Heating Pad

If you suffer from severe abdominal pain due to UTI, using a heat pad can be of great help. Tie the pad in your pelvis and leave it undisturbed for few minutes to get instant relief from the pain.

Heating Pad

If you do not have a heating pad, take a warm bath to reduce the inflammation and in turn alleviate the pain. Drop some Epsom salts in the bath water for a relaxing effect and decrease the ache and tenderness in the abdomen.

Use Herbs

There are a number of effective herbal remedies which can be used to considerably reduce urinary tract infections. The biggest plus point of the herbal cures is that they do not have any kind of side effects.


Herbs such as goldenseal, corn silk, uva ursi and usnea lichen are widely known for their antiseptic properties. However, it is recommended that you seek advice from a natural health practitioner before consuming any of these herbs.