5 Diet Tips To Increase Haemoglobin


Anemia is very common nowadays. Right from small children to adults; a lot of people suffer from anemia. It’s more common in women especially since they start menstruating.There is a good iron loss from the body and if people are not aware or careful the child or woman might turn anemic, by feeling tired very easily. Hemoglobin is that part of blood or red blood cells that is responsible to carry oxygen to our various organs. The blood is pumped from the heart and the hemoglobin picks up the oxygen or binds with it. So low hemoglobin means; the capability to carry oxygen in the blood is less.

Whenever there is heavy blood loss in the body, the hemoglobin is bound to drop. After knowing what is hemoglobin and hence, why it is important let’s see by consuming what all can our hemoglobin levels be raised. Though there are various other ways to improve hemoglobin in your diet. But these are the most inexpensive and handy ways to achieve a good hb count.

Eat Jaggery To Increase Hb Count

Eat Jaggery To Increase Hb Count

Jaggery (Gur) is an excellent source of iron. Consume a small piece of say 1 inch of jaggery in the morning for good results. Jaggery is a good digestive too.

Eat Bananas To Increase Hemoglobin

Eat Bananas

Bananas are excellent source of iron, potassium. Consume a banana in a day to see the results. Try having banana or any other fruits at such a time when you have not had a meal or a heavy meal. The body absorbs the nutrition immediately. This applies for fruits and vegetables and soup too.

Eat Gooseberries And Apples To Increase Hemoglobin

Apples To Increase Hemoglobin

Gooseberries (Amla) are considered good not only for Vitamin C but also good for Iron. It is an age old remedy to improve the general health of a person. It is packed with lots of minerals and a heavy dose of Vitamin C. Have it empty stomach and see the difference in the glow of your skin too. Having Apples on the other hand are proven source of iron. Again have it empty stomach or half an hour before the meals. The body absorbs the nutrients better and faster.

Eat Spinach To Increase Hemoglobin


Eat Spinach To Increase Hemoglobin

Spinach is again a source of high iron content. Ensure to clean it properly by soaking it in water for a while and then straining the leaves from the water. Repeat this process two to three times. Spinach can be consumed in various ways. Make a tasty soup by steaming a bunch of spinach leaves and some fresh tomatoes along with a piece of ginger and salt. Blend this mixture and have it. If you are an Indian, then grind spinach in the mixer by adding a little water. Use this pulp to knead flour for chapattis. This is again a very healthy way (without loosing nutrients) to consume spinach.

Eat Raisins And Dates To Increase Hemoglobin

Eat Raisins And Dates To Increase Hemoglobin

Dates and raisins are very rich source of iron. Though over consumption is not good too, as it increases the body heat. So the best way to consume them is to soak 2 dates and 4 raisins in water every night and have it empty stomach in the morning. Ensure that dates and raisins are cleaned properly only then they are soaked.