Diet To Overcome The Problem Of Acne

Tips To Overcome The Problem Of Acne

Tips To Overcome The Problem Of Acne

Acne diet means acne -free diet that will help to remove the acne from the face. Whatever you eat your skin eats as well. If you eat oily stuff then your skin eats that and excess oil will come out of your face which leads to the development of acne. After a proper research the nutritionist and skin specialist have made a list of whatever food you should eat and what to avoid to get an acne free skinHere is the brief on it.

What to Eat for Acne


Fiber Rich Diet

The fiber content helps to eliminate the toxins from the body and makes the colon clean so you should take fiber daily in your diet. Fibrous foods are salads, sprouts, corn, oats etc.

Take Low- Fat Diet

Take Low- Fat Diet

The high fat content in your diet increase the acne breakout so try to take low- fat diet. High- fat diet increases those hormones in your body that will lead to scars on the skin.

Drink Lots of Water

Drink Water

The water should be taken as much as you can as it will keep your skin hydrated. The dead skin cells will not grow and the clogging of pores will not happen due to the increased intake of water.

Foods Containing Selenium and Zinc

Foods Containing Selenium and Zinc

Zinc has the property of healing wounds and selenium is known for its property to maintain healthy skin and nails. You should eat fortified cereals, baked beans, yogurt, almonds, milk, and chicken breast to get the required amount of zinc in your diet.Selenium can be obtained from crimini mushrooms for vegetarians and non-vegetarian can eat tuna, halibut, salmon and shrimp to fulfill the need of selenium in the body and prevent you skin from the acne breakouts.



The toxins in the food increase the acne. If you take probiotics to ease your digestion and have a healthy digestion than the chances of presence of toxins decreases in the body.So you should take probiotics to have a healthy digestive system and can avoid the occurrence of acne on the face.

What Not to Eat for Acne

High Protein and Peanuts

Do not take High Protein and Peanuts

The excess intake of protein, peanuts and peanut butter increases the acne in adolescent’s .When you enter the adolescent stage then reduce the quantity.

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Do Not Take Spicy and Fried Foods

Do Not take spicy food

Spicy and fried foods should not be taken as they increase the oil on the skin and acne increases. Decrease the amount of salt in your diet: The amount of salt should be reduced as high amount of salt in the blood vessels increases the chances of acne.

Do Not Take High Amount of Carbonated Drinks and Foods

Do Not Take High Amount of Carbonated Drinks

The cakes, beverages, sodas increase the amount of insulin in the body so they should be taken in lesser quantity as increase in the level of insulin in the body leads to formation of acne.

Refined Grains

Do not take Refined Grains

The refined grains increase the development of acne as they increase the inflammation on the skin. So try to avoid refined grains like white rice, white flour, white bread, cakes and pastries. Instead you should take whole grains like whole wheat bread, oatmeal and other products that contain whole wheat.