Different Causes Brown Blood During Menstruation

Different Causes Brown Blood During Menstruation

If you have ever observed brown blood during menstruation and are worried about it then you can heave a sigh of relief because most of the times brown blood during menstruation does not indicate any serious health trouble.

In most of the cases brown blood is old blood being expelled from the vagina. There are several causes behind brown blood expulsion during menstrual periods. Here we will discuss the major reasons behind the same.

Causes of Brown Blood During Menstruation

1. Old Blood Of Uterus

Sometimes during menstrual periods some blood is left in uterus and is not expelled during that cycle. This blood gradually turns to brown color as the iron in blood gets oxidized in the presence of air. This blood is then expelled during the beginning or end of the next menstrual periods.  There is nothing serious about it, it is body’s way of clearing the uterus and preparing itself for next cycle.

2. Brown Colored Spotting

In some women, at the time of ovulation when the ovaries release an egg some bleeding occurs. This blood stays in uterus for some time and by the time it is expelled by the body it gets a few days old and turns brown due to age and oxidization.


3. Pregnancy

Sometimes, when a woman gets pregnant and fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterine lining, it causes some disruption there and causes minor bleeding. Since the uterine lining is rich in blood and nutrients it appears brown when being shed.  Spotting or bleeding does not occur in all pregnant women.

The implantation bleeding occurs almost after 8-10 days after implantation of the fertilized egg. If the woman also feels sharp pain in lower abdomen then it can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. In such cases, the woman should contact her doctor as soon as possible.

4. Childbirth

After childbirth, all women begin to menstruate. This blood is actually the uterine lining where the egg had got implanted and the baby had grown.  This bleeding is known as lochia. Being rich in iron and other nutrients and several months old, this blood also tends to turn brown in many women.


5. Oral Contraceptive Pills

Women who take OCPs as a method of contraception also tend to expel brown blood during menstruation because these hormonal drugs lead to some hormonal changes in the body leading to  brown blood discharge during periods.

Hormones take almost 6 weeks to stabilize and hence one should give oneself time till the periods get normal. On the other hand, those women who have recently stopped using OCPs may take some more time and brown discharge may continue for longer time.

6. Infection

In case of pelvic inflammatory disease or some other infection, women may discharge brown colored blood accompanied with symptoms like excruciating pain in lower abdomen, clotting, bloating, etc. This is a serious issue and thorough medical examination must be conducted under such circumstances.