3 Signs And Symptoms Of Skin Asthma

Signs And Symptoms Of Skin Asthma

Skin asthma, also known as eczema, is a common skin condition caused by attack of allergens. The disorder is atopic in form, which means that it is an inherent condition that aggravates during allergen attacks. The allergy leads to swelling and inflammation of the skin.The condition of skin asthma is commonly seen in people with low immunity. Such people are more susceptible to falling prey to allergens found in the environment. In order to remain protected from skin asthma, one should be able to recognize its symptoms.

How To Recognize Skin Asthma

Red Marks

The most common body parts likely to be affected with skin asthma are the joints and the areas surrounding them. But skin asthma symptoms are also visible on the scalp, chest, hands, feet and even eyes. The skin on these areas will turn red and scaly in appearance. These marks will occur in conjunction; so if you have skin asthma on your left knee, your right knee will also show the signs.The skin of the affected areas will be swollen. The swelling will be very obvious after a recent attack of allergens on your body. The inflammation will reduce after the allergens are removed from the body or if they leave the body on their own. The alternate pattern of increase and decrease in swelling will continue for as long as the allergens keep attacking the body.

If the body is exposed to pollution, dust, harmful chemicals, strong fragranced perfumes, smoke, detergents and pollens, the symptoms of skin asthma will increase many fold. Even changes in the climate will be responsible for attack of skin asthma. It is recommended that a diary must be maintained in order to find out the conditions which trigger the attack. Once you know the cause, it is best to avoid exposure to it.

How To Prevent Skin Asthma?


In case of skin asthma, prevention is definitely better than cure. People suffering from skin asthma are advised to keep their skin hydrated at all times. This means they should drink at least three liters of water every day and apply moisturizer at all times. This will help keep the skin moisturized.

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You can even re-apply a thick cream based moisturizer three to four times a day in order to prevent dry scaly formations associated with skin asthma. Doctors generally recommend Aquafor for this purpose. This medicated moisturizer forms a protective layer over the skin to prevent infection from allergens.


Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet to build a strong immune system. The immune system can help fight infection causing bacteria. However, if the immune system is weak the bacteria/allergens will find it easier to spread infection in your body. You can take multi-vitamin and omega-3 fatty acids supplements. These not only boost the immune system but also prevent redness and inflammation of skin.If you have had an attack of skin asthma, you will feel intense urge to scratch the skin. The intensity to itch becomes stronger at night. Under no circumstances should you scratch your skin. Cut your nails really short so that the skin isn’t harmed even if you do scratch.