Different Stages Of Fallopian Tube Cancer

Different Stages Of Fallopian Tube Cancer

Fallopian tubes are one of the most significant and prominent reproductive organs which play a major part in the reproductive process. Fallopian tube cancer is the development of tumors in one of both the fallopian tubes o women which can result into extreme conditions. This cancer is spread within the cells which would simply infect the entire fallopian tubes and the surrounding organs and tissues. This type of cancer is however very rare. Very few females are affected with this king of gynecological cancer. The stages of fallopian tube cancer are observed by considering various aspects like lymph nodes, spread over the partial and full fallopian tubes, and spread over different organs of the body. Here are the stages of fallopian tube cancer!

Stage 1:

Spread of cancer in the ovaries and in fallopian tubes.

In this stage, the cancer cells cover the basic and root areas like the fallopian tubes or ovaries from where they emerge.

Cancer is found only in the single fallopian tube and in no other organs.

Cancer is found in both the ovaries and fallopian tubes but do not cover the surface or surrounding of the fallopian tubes or ovaries.

Cancer is found in both the tubes along with the surface of the ovaries and in the peritoneal fluids.

Stage 1

Stage 2:

Cancer cells are spread over the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the surface and are spread beyond the pelvic area. This is the second stage where the cancer gets spread beyond the root areas like the fallopian tubes and start covering the surroundings.

The cancer cells are spread to the ovaries, the fallopian tubes and the uterus completely.
Cancer cells are spread to the pelvic area and the surrounding tissues and organs too.

Stage 2

Stage 3:

The cancer cells, along with the ovaries and fallopian tubes, cover the pelvic area and the outer surface and areas like the lymph nodes and blood vessels. The cancer starts spreading beyond the abdomen while covering and in some cases not covering the lymph nodes.

Cancer cells are spread n the lymph nodes but have not yet covered the peritoneal surfaces. The metastases of cancer can be 10mm or smaller in this case or can get larger than 10 mm.

In this case, the cancer cells are spread in both the fallopian tubes and ovaries also from the pelvic area to the abdomen but have not yet covered the lymph nodes.

The cancer has covered the area of pelvis to the abdomen and gets covered into 2cm area. In this case too, the lymph nodes are still unaffected.

In this severe case, the cancer cells have covered the fallopian tubes, the pelvic area the abdomen from more than 2cm but yet the lymph nodes are unaffected from the cells.

Stage 3

Stage 4:

The cancer cells have laced and spread outside the abdominal area and has covered a huge area around the abdomen. This is the last and most severe stage of cancer where, from the root areas to the surroundings, the cancer cells get spread in all the areas. Also various other parts like lungs and the surroundings get affected.

In this stage, the cancer cells are spread also around the lungs. The tissues and fluids surrounding the lungs get affected by cancer in this stage.

This is a very severe case of cancer where the cancer has spread in many areas apart of the lymph nodes, the ovaries, fallopian tubes, groin, abdomen and have got spread in the surroundings of the abdomen.

Stage 4

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