Different Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease

Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease Millions of people over the age of fifty-five worldwide are affected by this unique disorder called Alzheimer’s disease. This brain ailment is the most conventional type of dementia, which affects the everyday living of the person due to severe memory loss.

The disorder itself could be a very emotionally stressful one for you or your loved one who has contracted it. Learning to cope with the ailment is very important when you are diagnosed with the disease or providing that bit of emotional support to your loved one who has been detected with the disorder.

Care must be taken to help the patient cope up with the disease in a positive and rational manner. However, it does not mean that anyone over the age of fifty-five with a memory loss has the Alzheimer’s disorder.

The average person’s brain shrinks to a certain level with age and that is the reason for usual forgetful nature of aging people. There are specific symptoms for the disease, which are as follows.

Different Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Substantial Memory Loss

When we say substantial memory loss we are not talking about the normal kind of memory loss like not able to find the car key, not able to remember where you kept that book or spectacles. Alzheimer’s would make you completely lost and unable to recollect even the most familiar routes on the roads and more often even the way to your house.

You would start regularly placing everyday sundry items like car keys or spectacles in the most peculiar of places like inside the microwave or refrigerator.

Messing With Numbers

What used to be a simple mathematical calculation like addition of numbers could now prove a cumbersome task for you. You would be unable to write your cheques or follow any instructions in your favorite recipe books, which used otherwise, you would not even notice as requiring any mental effort.

Losing Track Of Time And Place

You would start dressing in the same woolen clothing even when summer springs up. The inability to understand why everyone is so casually dressed could be another significant symptom of Alzheimer’s.

Sometimes you may end up in a store confused why you came there in the first place. This is sometimes common with aging people but the uncommon part about people affected with this disease is that they would even forget the way back home.

Stranger In The Mirror

Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease

Another common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease would be that when you stare blankly at your own reflection in the mirror and wonder who the stranger staring back at you is. You will tend to forget your own image making it the most stressful symptom of the disorder.

Speaking Problems

A significant symptom of the disorder would be to forget links in between a conversation. You maybe involved in a very interesting conversation but may suddenly stop not knowing forgetting the entire conversation and drift into a different world altogether.

The symptom of the disease causing short range memory loss, may seem a common problem but what makes it abnormal is that you may end up paying more money at the market on a regular basis irrespective of the exact amount being specified by the shopkeeper just a few seconds before you make the payment.

Staying Sloof

What used to be a favorite pastime or hobby may now look boring and monotonous and you would start distancing away from everyone. You would start preferring to keeping to yourself and may many a times fall into deep depression for reasons unknown.

Though there is no cure is found yet for this disorder the best you could do when your loved one is detected with Alzheimer’s would be to start on a supportive journey and help them along the way to cope with the ailment in the best possible manner.