Different Techniques Of Breast Reduction Surgery

Different Techniques Of Breast Reduction Surgery
Women who undergo breast reduction surgery belong to two groups or both. The first group are those women who have severe back and shoulder pain due to the weight of the breasts.

The second group belongs to those women who want to go under the knife due to cosmetic reasons. There are women who seek surgical intervention because of both these reasons.

Breast reduction involves removal of excess fatty tissues in the breast and sculpts it to form a better shape and size. Several techniques are used for this procedure. Undertaking a breast reduction surgery will ensure that your breasts are in proportion to your body and shapelier than before. Discussed in detail are the various techniques used for breast reduction surgery.

Bilateral And Unilateral Breast Reduction

Normally a breast reduction method is done to reduce the size of both the breasts. In this case, it is called bilateral breast reduction. However, the technique can also be used if there is noticeable difference between both the breasts. When such a case occurs, the reduction surgery is performed only on one breast to make it more symmetrical with the other. This is known as unilateral breast reduction.

Pedicle Method of Reduction

The pedicle method is the most common form of breast reduction technique used during surgery. In the pedicle method, there is a symmetrical reduction in the entire shape and size of the breast. This method also makes sure that the sensations in the nipple and areola and the functions are not affected in any way.

In pedicle method, there are various kinds of incision placements like the LeJour or a McKissock placement which will have different scar patterns. The pedicle method usually has a T shaped scar due to which it is also known as T-scar or T incision. The placement of the incision can be from top to bottom or sideways.

Free Nipple Graft Method

In free nipple graft or FNG method, the nipples are completely removed from the breast and after the removal of fat tissue from the breast, the nipples are attached again in a symmetrical position. This method is done when the breasts are too big for a pedicle method to be successful. When an FNG method has been done and if you require surgical intervention at a later stage, it is advisable to inform the surgeon about the previous history.

Incision Patterns

Keyhole Incision

When the breast reductions are of a minor nature and for breast lifts, a keyhole incision is made around the areola. This will have minimal scar formation.

Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction too will have minimal scarring as the process involves sucking out the fat deposits between the skin and the muscles using thick tubes, thereby giving a toned and shapely breast.

Laser Bra

One of the most advanced techniques in breast reduction, the Stevens Laser Bra is an internal brassiere that is created through a laser beam. The bra helps in keeping the breast tissues in place, giving an elegant shape to even breasts that are heavily sagging. The technique is developed by Dr. W. Grant Stevens.

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