Different Types Of Breast Lumps

Breast lump may be described as a growth of tissue inside your breast. During breast self examination you might come across a prominent thickness is some part of your breast. It could be a breast lump. It is frightening to find a breast lump and your worst fear would be breast cancer. There are many types of lumps that grow in the breast and most of them are non cancerous or Benign. Knowing about Different Types of Breast Lumps is very important for every woman.

Different Types Of Breast Lumps


A cyst generally grows in the breast tissue and is a fluid filled sac of tissue. When you locate a cyst it will feel like water filled balloon and moves when you press it. It is a harmless breast lump and may not require any treatment but your doctor will be able to decide that. A cyst mostly dissolves on its own.

Women who are reaching menopausal stage or women in the age group of 30 – 40 years are prone to having cyst in their breast. It is easier to locate a cyst if it is placed near the surface of the breast. A deep set cyst may not be felt by breast self examination and may require mammography.

Fibro Adenomas

Fibro Adenomas generally appear in teenagers or in pregnant women. This is a benign group of cells and feels hard and firm to touch. It can be located during breast self examination because it mostly occurs in the surface of the breast. Fibro Adenomas needs to be removed by lumpectomy, laser ablation or cryoblation.

Pseudo Lumps

Pseudo Lumps are hardened silicone fat lumps. These are benign breast lumps and occur on the surface of the breast. It is hard to touch and does not change in size like a cyst. You can locate a Pseudo Lump in a mammogram or ultrasound and make sure that it is harmless. It may have to be surgically removed if you feel uncomfortable. A Pseudo Lump can be caused if you have had a breast enhancement surgery or if a rib has shifted due to some reason.


Lymphomas mostly appear in middle aged or older women. These are soft, slow growing and fatty lumps. Lymphomas do not require any treatment but may have to be surgically removed if they are located in an awkward location.

Malignant Tumors

A malignant lump or tumor is a cancerous lump. Its size varies from that of a pea to the size of a golf ball. It is irregular in shape and feels hard to touch. It does not move in the breast and it may occur in the surface of the breast or deep inside the breast. A malignant lump can also be located near the armpit.

Malignant tumors or lumps may occur in women at any age between their peri menopausal to post menopausal stage. Women who are above 60 years of age are at a lesser risk of suffering from breast cancer. You must consult your doctor as soon as you detect any type of lump in the breast. She/he will be able to diagnose the nature of the lump and suggest the best treatment plan for you.