Different Types Of Contraceptives For Women

Different Types Of Contraceptives For Women

Unplanned and unwanted pregnancy
can cause a lot of despair. Abortion should be discouraged under all circumstances. The best way to avoid the trauma of an abortion is to prevent getting pregnant.

These days various methods of contraception are available for both men and women. They are mostly safe and do not cause any harm. You can choose a contraceptive according to your lifestyle and health issues.

One particular contraception method may not be suitable for everyone.
There are two basic types of Contraceptive methods i.e. Barrier and Hormonal.

Different Types Of Contraceptives For Women

Barrier Type Of Contraceptives For Women

Barrier Type Of Contraceptives are used externally and their function is to stop the sperms from entering the uterus.


Diaphragm is a flexible dome shaped contraceptive. It is fitted in the uterine cervix and it is made up of rubber or plastic. A Diaphragm is filled with spermicide, which destroys the sperms to prevent conception.

Diaphragm should be inserted before sexual intercourse and it should remain there for 6-8 hours after sex.It is a fairly safe contraceptive method for women and it is not known to have caused any side effects.

IUD (Intra Uterine Device)

IUD is a device that is made up of metal or plastic. It comes in the shape of a loop, T and a triangle. IUD is inserted inside the uterus to prevent conception. There are two types of IUD, one that is replaced after 10 years and another needs to be changed every year.

IUD is fitted by a medical professional; you cannot do it on your own. It is an effective contraceptive method for women, but it has some side effects that you should be aware of.

Women using IUD may experience heavy menstrual bleeding, abdominal cramps or pelvic inflammation. You are advised to opt for IUD type of contraceptive after proper consultation.

Hormonal Type Of Contraceptives For Women

Hormonal contraception changes the hormones and it either stops ovulation or it prevents sperms to reach eggs.

Oral Pills

Birth control pills are most popular form of contraception among women. Oral pills are only available on prescription. You have to take the dose regularly to prevent conception. Oral pills have to be taken after consultation with your physician.

You should use them as directed to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Though it is a safe type of contraceptive, some women may suffer from nausea, weight gain and tenderness in breasts or dizziness in the beginning. If these symptoms persist then you should see your doctor.

Contraceptive Patch

Contraceptive patch is a small piece of lining which sticks to your skin. It contains the two hormones that prevent conception, these hormones seep into your body through the patch and stop ovulation.

You can wear the patch anywhere on your body and it is not noticeable. Contraceptive patch needs to be changed frequently. The advantage of this type of contraceptive is that it is easy to use and it does not interfere with sex.

It is a very effective type of contraceptive for women. Its side effects are similar to that of birth control pill.You must consult your doctor before taking up any form of contraceptive method.