Different Types Of Face Cosmetic Surgery

Different Types Of Face Cosmetic Surgery

Different Types Of Face Cosmetic Surgery It is said that the world belongs to those people who have an attractive and slim body and a beautiful face. All kinds of imperfections, anywhere in the body can be rectified with cosmetic surgery, giving way to lively new skin. Wanting to attain a gorgeous and pretty looking body, more and more people are heading towards cosmetic surgery of all types with Face Cosmetic Surgery topping the list which is becoming popular and increasing in demand day by day.

Some areas of the face like the brows, nose and the skin under the neck start to wrinkle showing signs of ageing. Loss of hair is another problem that is common amongst people. All this and more can be rectified with the help of face cosmetic surgery.

People, who exercise regularly, maintain a healthy lifestyle, are nonsmokers, closer to their ideal body weight are generally considered to be good candidates for cosmetic surgery. Limited caffeine and alcohol consumption help when undergoing facial cosmetic surgery.

Alcohol is a mild blood thinner while caffeine can raise blood pressure thus it is best to avoid them both. One must be aware of the disadvantages that come with face cosmetic surgery and should have a realistic approach to the whole affair. A surgery of this sort cannot alter your life or make you 20 years younger in age.

Types of Face Cosmetic Surgery


Rhinoplasty is the technical term given to a nose job reshaping a person’s nose. If a person needs to correct a breathing problem, deformity in the structure, or requires a slight change in the size or shape of the nose, then it is done through this process. Sometimes, after a nose surgery is done, the surgeon may need to improvise on it or take care of a breathing problem that the individual is facing then this process is called Redo or Revision rhinoplasty.


Facelift or Rhytidectomy is a serious type of surgery requiring proper professional intervention. While chemicals and injections erase wrinkles with the effects lasting for many months, the facelift results last till a decade or more and make you look much younger.

Different Types Of Face Cosmetic Surgery

There are a lot of variations in this procedure like that of number of layers to be treated in the surgery, area to be covered, how much to invade and its various types, time taken for full recovery and the total cost of the surgery.


Surgeries performed on the brows can work wonders for your forehead making you look younger and beautiful and also cure headaches caused by migraine to a great extent. A number of treatments are associated with a neck lift which aims at doing away with double chins or other signs of ageing of the neck.

The wrinkled and saggy skin that surrounds one’s eye can be erased with the help of Eyelid Surgery. Also a new type of eyelid surgery has been found which creates a ‘double eyelid’ out of a ‘single eyelid’. Ear surgery solves the problem of extra long ears which may also be deformed in some way or the other. Earlobes often get torn when a female wears heavy earrings or get elongated through body piercings. Earlobe repair surgery is done to correct this problem.


Hair forms an integral and very important part of our face without which a person feels incomplete. Women who have long hair and men with wavy hair form the ideal image of beauty in our minds. Hair loss amongst men and women is an increasing problem with pollution, chemicals and malnutrition being a few reasons for it.

Different Types Of Face Cosmetic Surgery

A person loses respect for oneself if facing this problem and also becomes very conscious about his/her looks in society. The hair-transplants which are done nowadays are very natural to look at. Sometimes, hair loss may extent to the eyelashes. If this is the case, an approved drug which lengthens eyelashes is available which can correct this problem.

Factors to Be Considered Before Going for A Face Cosmetic Surgery

As face cosmetic surgery can prove to be a risky and expensive procedure which cannot be easily undone, one should consider certain factors before taking the final decision. One needs to consider whether their appearance is so important that they would go for surgical intervention. It is important to be aware that such procedures include a risk of surgical complications.

A serious complication may occur and you should be ready to face it. There is no guarantee that the surgery performed will be entirely successful and you may have to face its consequences afterwards. Also, you should decide whether you are ready to spend a huge amount of money on the surgery itself, with other expenses that may be incurred later on.

The kind of personal inconvenience in the process of recovery that one faces must not be neglected. Changing your lifestyle such as quit smoking, lose weight, stop consuming alcohol and sticking by it for a long time is not an easy thing to accomplish.
Circumstances under which one must opt not for face cosmetic surgery

It is important for an individual to know that under which circumstances he/she should not undergo face cosmetic surgery as it may cause a lot of harm and the desired results may not last as long as they should. All types of facial cosmetic surgeries have their own downtime, risks and are quite expensive. If a person is suffering from serious health diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, a bleeding disorder, obesity, lung or heart disease, allergies, high cholesterol, depression or arthritis they should strictly refrain from undergoing a face cosmetic surgery.

Also if a person smokes or drinks too much alcohol, they have a higher risk of running into complications after the surgery. Before finally getting a surgery done, you should give your complete medical history to the surgeon, including information on medications, herbal compounds and supplements you are currently on, as they make the blood clot during the surgery, increasing complications. As we all know, everything in this world has its good and bad effects and after considering both, decide what is most important to us. Only then should you take the ultimate decision of getting a face cosmetic surgery done.