13 Diy Ways To Grow And Thicken Your Eyelashes Naturally

Eyelashes Naturally

Long , curled eyelashes really make your eyes look pretty and beautiful.Though fake eyelashes can be used nowadays to make your eyelashes look long but most of the times it is pretty visible that they are fake as they do not look natural.Moreover,there are so many chemicals involved in sticking those fake eyelashes to your eye lids.So one should always avoid using fake lashes rather try to grow their eyelashes all the natural way to get those gorgeous looking eyes even without the need of mascara and eyeliners.

Now to be honest it make take from a week to a month to see desired results in your eyelashes using these natural tricks to grow your eyelashes staying within the four walls of your home.It totally depends on your body,age,growth rate and other factors of each individual.It may take 2 days for some to see visible results and it may take upto 2 months for others.But one thing is for sure that these tips are going to keep your eyelashes and eyelids healthy and moisturised for sure and enhance its beauty naturally without using any make up or chemicals.Just follow the following simple tips in your daily body care regimen and you will on the way find natural beauty getting along.

13 Ways To Grow And Thicken Your Eyelashes Naturally


Massage Eyelid

Massage your eyelids for 3-4 minutes using your finger tips in a circular motion.This is not only give rest to your tired eyes but also increase the blood circulation in the area leading to healthier eyelashes,less prone to fall out.Remember to be really gentle and kind to your eyes.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes


Rubbing your eyes weaken your eyes and eyelashes and cause breakage and fallouts.

Before You Sleep Beauty Care


Before you sleep,apply some petroleum jelly to your eyelashes like your apply a mascara.You can use your fingertips or an old mascara brush from which all the mascara has been washed out.Then apply the petroleum jelly over your eyelashes,on the eyeliner area and gently massage for about 30 seconds.This will keep your eyelashes really moisturised leading to lesser fall outs.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E helps to nourish your hair and similarly your eye lashes and makes them grow faster and healthier.Apply vitamin E oil to your eyelashes for a healthy looking eyelid and eyelashes.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil works best to increase the length of the eyelashes.It is thick and greasy and stimulates growth.

Egg White

Apply Egg White

The white part of an egg or the clear liquid contained in the egg contains potassium,sodium, calcium and selenium that will promote hair growth and protect your hair follicles from breakages.Take an egg,separate its egg yolk and whites,whisk the white part and apply it on the tips of your eye lashes using finger tips.Wash off after 15 minutes.Do this every alternate day to lengthen your eye lashes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

With its anti bacterial properties,coconut oil not only stimulates growth to your eyelashes but also protects them and keeps them nourished and hydrated.


Apply Raw Honey

ORGANIC Honey is a natural humectant.This means that honey naturally attracts the moisture from the atmosphere and retains it in anything it is applied on,here it is your eyeliner line and the tips of your eyelashes.Also it stimulates growth of hair and softens your hair,so it works just the same way to your eye lashes.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

In a study it was found that 44 percent of bald people using lavender oil regularly could grow some hair back.So to grow more eyelashes and increase the length,apply lavender oil to the tips of the eyelashes before you leave your home.

Olive Oil
Olive oil

Olive oil will protect your eyelashes from excessive heat and pollution and will lead to healthier and fuller lashes when applied regularly for a month.

Comb Your Lashes


After applying oil,prefer to use an eyelash comb to de-tangle and comb your eye lashes to stimulate growth and increase blood flow in the skin adjacent to eyelashes.It will lead to a healthier,fuller,shinier,longer and hydrated eye lashes and eyelids.

Stop Using Eye Lash Curlers

STOP using eyelash curlers

When you start using the above tips,stop using the eyelash curlers as they will only lead to breakage and fall outs of eye lashes,weaken your hair strength and fail the benefits caused to your eye lashes from using above tips by doing more damage to them.So stop using harsh chemicals,avoid using cosmetic mascaras and totally boycott the eye lasg curlers till you follow the above regimen.

Eat Healthy

Healthy Eating

Consume foods that are healthy and stimulate hair growth.To grow healthier eye lashes, intake foods that are rich in Vitamins and proteins,specially VITAMIN E,VITAMIN B and VITAMIN D.Remember,a healthier you inside will definitely reflect a healthier you outside.