Do’s & Don’ts Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Do's & Don'ts Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Do's & Don'ts Of Exercise During Pregnancy Is it possible for a pregnant mom to exercise? This may be the kind of question that pops into a pregnant woman’s mind as she enters into motherhood, especially for the first time. There have always been two schools of thoughts with regards to exercise during pregnancy.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is Important

It is an established fact that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle whether we are pregnant or not. However, when it comes to a pregnant woman, she has to be careful over what she does or eats, as it may affect the well-being of her growing fetus as well as herself.

Exercising during pregnancy is acceptable as it enhances your muscle tones, endurance and strength, which will prove beneficial during the last trimester. As with all exercises, many benefits promote the emotional and physical well being of the mother and baby. A pregnant woman may start with an easy and slow exercise regimen as recommended by her doctor which will benefit her during pregnancy.

Benefits of Exercise

The greatest benefit of exercising during pregnancy is the preparation of the body for labor. Exercising during pregnancy will strengthen and tone up your muscles, which will reduce your labor time and delivery of the baby, as you have already built up your stamina through the exercises. Not only that, but because your body is in good condition through the exercises performed during pregnancy, your recovery after delivery is more likely to be shorter.

Exercises are known to reduce stress and anxiety to create a better emotional well-being; it can also remove the fatigue a pregnant mother may feel during pregnancy due to the increasing weight on her body. Exercising will boost the energy levels of the pregnant mother while promoting blood circulation for the glow one can find in pregnant mothers.

Exercising also helps the pregnant mother maintain her appropriate weight during pregnancy; thus, she will not have too much difficulty losing the few extra pounds after delivery and may regain the shape she had before pregnancy very quickly.

The best form of exercise during pregnancy is walking or swimming. These exercises work the main muscles as well as strengthen the heart with little injury risk. However, the pregnant mother should not overexert herself in exercising during pregnancy, for one can be exhausted easily or strain the muscles.

Another benefit of exercising during pregnancy is that your back gets strengthened, which eliminates a common ailment of pregnancy: backache.

Exercise Caution

Before a pregnant woman starts exercising, she should consult her doctor to ensure that she is physically fit to start any exercise regimen endorsed by her doctor. As you progress in your pregnancy, you may need to adjust your exercise routine to cater to the changes in your body, remaining alert to any sudden discomfort or pain arising during exercise. Always inform your doctor of your exercise routine, so that he is aware of what is happening to you during the pregnancy stages, to ensure a smooth and event-free pregnancy.

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