Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is often termed as a silent killer plaguing women with its insidious onset. Early detection of the disease has saved many a life. Late detection can prove to be fatal with a poor prognosis.

The early symptoms of the disease can be fleeting and often over looked to give the sufferer an advance warning. The symptoms are confusing and can result in a differential diagnosis for other ailments. It is the seventh most commonly occurring cancer amongst women.

Ovarian cancer manifests itself in the form of tumours that are present in various tissues of the ovary. Majority of the cancers are diagnosed late making it difficult to arrest the spread of the cancer. Early ovarian cancer rarely shows any signs or symptoms. As it spreads or metastasis, it can be easily detected with the help of the following symptoms.


There is acute pain in the back, pelvic region or the abdomen. This is because of the pressure that may be created by excessively large tumours. The pain at times radiates down to the lower extremities and the limbs.

Sudden Weight Gain

There may be a sudden weight gain and a feeling of bloating. The body may have excessive water retention. Women often complain that their clothes do not fit or that the jeans have become too tight.

Nausea And Vomiting

Ovarian cancer may precipitate a change in the hormonal levels of the body and women can suffer from acute nausea and vomiting.

Diarrhoea And Indigestion

Gas, heartburn indigestion and diarrhoea are common amongst women who suffer from ovarian cancer. There may also be a significant gain or loss of weight.


Extreme exhaustion and fatigue is common among women suffering from cancer. There may be a general laziness and apathy when it comes to daily routines and running of errands.

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Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding also becomes very common. It becomes more severe and acute during the menstrual cycle characterized by heavy bleeding and clots in the blood.

Shortness Of Breath

Dizziness and shortness of breath is seen in women who move into an advanced stage of the cancer.

Urinary Symptoms

Urinary incontinence and urge incontinence is seen in women suffering from ovarian cancer. The woman feels a frequent urge to urinate. She may also urinate more frequently. Burning sensation during urination is another symptom.

Trouble Eating

The woman may find it difficult to eat. She may start to eat very small portions as she begins to feel full very fast. If any of these symptoms are detected at an early stage, the woman has good chances of recovering with the help of chemo therapy and radiation. The best way is to prevent ovarian cancer by knowing your family history and keeping a watchful eye for the symptoms. Limit smoking and alcohol consumption.

Eat a healthy diet to control weight and exercise 4-5 times a week to keep the body fit. Fruits rich in anti oxidants are good at warding off cancer. Undertake regular gynaecological check-ups to rule out any abnormality and disease. Do consult your practitioner for preventive measures about the disease.