9 Early Signs Of Positive Pregnancy

9 Early Signs Of Positive Pregnancy

9 Early Signs Of Positive Pregnancy

The first step towards motherhood is getting the big news. Every moment the mother-to-be spends during those 9 months are special; but there is something special about the ‘first news’. For detecting pregnancy now-a-days you have many tests which accurately give results. But for these tests to give accurate results you need to wait for couple of weeks. Most of the tests are accurate and sensitive only after 3-4 weeks or may be more. You need not get disheartened thinking about the long wait. There are some signs (before and after missing your period) which can give you pretty accurate hints about the good news. However you should keep in mind these are not confirmatory signs; they are just few of the possible symptoms of a positive pregnancy.

Here Are Some Early Signs Of Positive Pregnancy:

Changes In Breasts And Nipples

One of the most initial sign that you will observe are changes in breasts and especially nipples. After ovulation and fertilisation of egg, the areola (dark area of nipple) becomes darker and might develop bumps. Some women notice enlargement of breasts or increased tenderness of breasts. They might even become sore and enlarged. All these changes happen due to a sudden change in hormonal levels. The body starts preparing for the ‘’big-news’’ and hence the release of hormones. Some women might also feel pain in the chest but its pretty normal; don’t worry!

Change In Breast Shape And Size

Feeling Tired Or Fatigued

The most important reason for feeling fatigued is that your body spends most of its energy in forming hormones and preparing for the baby’s stay in your body. Therefore excess of energy is required and you might feel tired very often or even fatigued. This happens in almost every pregnant female, so be least bothered. To overcome the tiredness you must eat small and frequent meals and make sure your body is getting constant source of energy.


Mood Changes

Now you know your body is undergoing a number of hormonal changes; along with that the body releases certain hormones that tend to make you sensitive and emotional. Therefore any small thing can make you cry or make you smile. You tend to get affected by small small things. You might suddenly get nervous, scared, tensed without any suitable reason. It is something like an advanced version of PMS.

Hormonal Changes

Spotting Or Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Spotting or release of some amount of blood is observed couple of days after fertilisation. The reason for this spotting is implantation or placing of the fertilised embryo in the walls of uterus. Till the time it is a minor spotting you need not worry, it is a normal happening.

Unusual Vaginal Bleeding

Frequent Urination And Passing Lot Of Urine Every Time

When the fertilisation occurs, body releases certain hormones; one of them is the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This is the hormone which is tested in the urine pregnancy test. So this hormone increases the rate and amount of urination. These changes become prominent in 2 or 3 weeks after conceiving.

Frequent Urination

Missed Period

After couple of weeks you will realise you have missed your menstrual cycle. Time of excitement and anxiety arrives. Usually if other reasons are ruled out, missing a period is one the confirmatory sign of pregnancy. This is the time when you must visit a doctor and get your tests done. You can also try a home pregnancy test at this point.


Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is usually a feeling of nausea which might or might not be accompanied by vomiting and happens during early morning hours after you wake up. The reason for morning sickness is again hormonal changes happening in body.

Morning Sickness

Over Sensitivity Towards Smell And Odors

During early stages of pregnancy your senses become very sensitive and sharp. You will suddenly start liking some odours and get offended by some. Same happens with your tongue. The taste buds become super active and you might develop liking for something which you simply hated earlier. Such random and vague changes are very common during pregnancy.

 Sensitivity Towards Smell

Feeling Bloated And Uneasy

Indigestion, feeling bloated and uneasy; these are very common signs during early pregnancy. The body is in a state of preparing itself for the baby and delivery. Hence your smooth muscles start relaxing under the influence of one specific hormone called progesterone. Also many other changes happen. As a result of these changes and alterations, the gastrointestinal system becomes slow. This is the reason for feeling bloated. You might also develop lot of gas which might result in uneasiness. Talk to your doctor if it is affecting you too much.


While planning a pregnancy keep a watch on these signs and stay as positive as you can. Happy Motherhood!