Prevent Sagging Breasts

As we get older, the skin on the body would start to shrink and develop wrinkles. This would be mainly due to the reduction in tissue buildup beneath the skin. And one of the main areas of the body that seem to experience this effect in women is the chest (a.k.a the breasts in women).

Also called as Ptosis, sagging breasts is a common occurrence in many women above 50 years of age. But that does not mean younger women would stay safe from the condition altogether.

The breasts are made up of a number of muscles and tissues. With time, these muscles and tissues would start to shrivel, thereby causing the breasts to shrink in size and sag. Gravity would also cause large breasts to sag in addition to other factors like improper clothing, lifestyle changes and hormonal surges.

Ways to Treat/Prevent Sagging Breasts

Although sagging breasts are unavoidable with age, there are certain ways you can prevent the extent of sagging. Here are some of the most common remedies that would help your breasts from sagging.

Never say ‘No’ to your Bra

Although the feeling of not wearing a bra would be quite comforting, going braless for long periods can cause your breasts to droop with time. Without a bra to support the weight of the breasts, the breast tissues would stretch with time and eventually cause the breasts to sag.

Never say ‘Yes’ to your Bra either

Although wearing a bra is considered good for the health and shape of your breasts, prolonged use of the same can put you at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. A tight bra designed to hold your breasts in place would curb the flow of lymphatic fluids within them. This in turn would cause the breast tissues to retain the toxins that would have been washed away by the lymphatic fluids otherwise. Increase in the levels of toxins inside the breast tissues could cause breast cancer.

The best way to get through this hurdle is to work out a ‘win-win’ situation wherein you wear a bra for not more than 12 hours a day. Remove the bra while sleeping or relaxing to promote blood and fluid flow through the region.

Choose the Right Kind of Bra

Most of the times breasts sag due to incorrect choices made while purchasing bras. Choosing the right bra size and cup shape would play a very important role in preventing your breasts from sagging.

Easy Ways To Prevent Sagging Breasts

Choose a supportive bra that is neither too tight nor too loose but fits your breasts perfectly. If possible, try on a few bras before you decide on the one that fits you best. A bra with a wide back strap (possibly one with at least 3 hooks) would provide more support to the breasts than one with a very narrow back strap.

If you have large breasts, opt for brands that are specially designed to support large breasts and provide maximum comfort in the process. You can also opt for specialty sportswear products that would offer more comfort than the normal sports or supportive bras.

Most department stores and lingerie showrooms would usually come with employees trained in helping you choose the right kind of bra for your breast size and shape. Get yourself properly fitted with the help of the staff at any of these stores in order to get a bra that fits you perfectly.

Getting the Right Bra Matters! But Wearing it Properly Matters Even More!

How many times have we ended up buying the right sized bra for our breasts but still felt uncomfortable after wearing them? The answer should probably be ‘many’.

Don’t rush when wearing your bra. Take some time to straighten out the straps that might be twisted, and arrange the cup properly beforehand so that it sits properly on your breast. The best way to wear a bra would be to lean forward when slipping it on. This way, your breasts would be perky and centered, and would fit right into the cups when you slip on the bra. Attempting to stuff your breasts into the cups would only cause discomfort and in some cases, pain.

Maintain an Optimum Weight

The breasts are made up of fatty tissues in addition to several other tissues, glands and nerves. The fatty tissues in the breasts would usually be present either deep within the breasts (along with the glands) or just below the skin. While the fatty tissue present within the breasts does not pose a risk, it is the tissue that collects under the skin that can cause breasts to sag with time.

Gaining and losing weight repetitively (as in the case of ‘yo-yo diets) would stretch the breast tissues permanently, thereby causing the outer skin to stretch as well. This would cause the breasts to sag eventually. Maintaining an optimum weight, however, would prevent this from happening. So stop trying to add on weight only to lose it later on. Stay away from ‘yo-yo’ diets and maintain an optimum weight that complements your height.

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The Pros and Cons of Exercising

Let’s discuss the advantages of exercise on sagging breasts first. Even though the breasts are made up of only tissues and no muscles, regular exercises can help build up the pectorals by improving blood supply to the region. This in turn can prevent breasts from sagging in addition to making them firmer and perkier.

Easy Ways To Prevent Sagging Breasts

Here are the disadvantages though. Certain exercises that involve bouncing like running, skipping etc. can work against the breast tissues and ligaments and stretch/wear/tear them, causing your breasts to sag. If you have large breasts, you would need to take extra measures to make sure that they don’t bounce too much while exercising. An easy way to prevent this is to wear a good quality sports bra while exercising. This would prevent your breasts from moving too much while exercising and prevent them from drooping.

Change your Lifestyle

If you want your breasts to remain perfect, you would need to kick a few habits out of the door, with the main one being ‘smoking’. Smoking can cause premature wrinkles to appear on the skin. It can also break down the collagen fibers present underneath the skin, thereby reducing elasticity with time.

Smoking would cause the same effect on your breasts. With time (and continued smoking), the collagen fibers and tissues present beneath the skin would lose its elasticity and start stretching. This would in turn cause your breasts to sag.

Stay Away from the Sun

The harmful UV rays of the sun can seriously hamper collagen production in the skin in addition to destroying the existing collagen fibers. With insufficient collagen to hold the tissues together, your breasts would start to sag before you know it. So keep your breasts covered from the sun at all times or apply a good quality moisturizer over them whenever you step out of the house.

Massage your Breast Regularly for Wonderful results

Massaging your breasts would offer your three advantages. It would help you spot any anomalies like lumps that could possibly lead to more serious conditions later on. It would help improve breast health by releasing lymphatic fluids that might have stagnated in a particular area. And it would help lift up sagging breasts and re shape them properly.

Make it a point to massage your breasts regularly. Use a good quality breast massage oil or cream for better results. Opt for natural products over synthetic ones that could cause unnecessary side effects.

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