Easy Ways To Prevent Yeast Infections

Yeast is a fungus which is commonly present on skin and areas of moisture like the mouth and vagina. The scientific name of this fungus is Candida. This fungus when present in the vagina causes Vaginitis and is a form of Yeast infection of the vagina. When this fungus is present in the vulva the infection is called Vulvitis.

If proper care is not taken these Yeast infections can happen very easily and can cause irritation in the concerned area. In worst cases can be repetitive. Let us find out ways to prevent this infection as far as possible.

Ways To Prevent Yeast Infections

Hygienic about what you wear helps a lot in not catching a yeast infection. Wearing washed and clean clothes is very important. The clothes should be free from perspiration. Also you should not be person who is comfortable with wearing or sharing someone else’s clothes. People who share others clothes, especially without washing are at a very high risk of catching a yeast infection. Also don’t wear tight jeans, lycra and nylon panties these infections tend to develop the most in moist and cramped areas.

Check whenever on medications and antibiotics. Antibiotics which are consumed to kill several of the germs causing illness also end up killing a lot of good bacteria which are known to protect your body. These medications when taken for a long time surely kill these good bacteria. Always check with the doctor for the side effect of the medicines that you are taking. Some of these antibiotics also cause repetitive yeast infection whenever consumed.

Excessive use of chemicals such as perfumes, sprays and dyes also cause yeast infections as they upset the pH balance of your skin or might cause infection due to irritation. Use an unscented and colorless toilet paper to clean your crotch as the chemicals in these papers cause infections. In fact bubble bath and applying soap in the crotch is also not good as it makes the area dry and starts the itch and one is susceptible to an infection.

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Many condoms come with a lubricant that may kill HIV virus. This lubricant contains nonoxynol -9. A lot of people are seen infectious to this lubricant and catch yeast infection. Apart from condoms, diet is also something which causes yeast infections. A diet rich in yeast food like bread, beer etc can cause yeast infection of vagina, though both the yeast are not similar but supposedly it helps! Also avoid too much of sugar in your diet. When you urinate with this sugar in the urine, the yeast gets more activated and aggravated. People having diabetes are prone to yeast infections due to high sugar levels in their body. Also some doctors ask to reduce caffeine intake in the body to escape yeast infections.

Sexual Transmission can obviously transmit this fungus. Please feel free to find out if your partner has had yeast infection in the past and take care especially if they had a recurring infection. Have safe sex and wash your hands after touching the partner’s crotch. Also, don’t be under the impression that men don’t catch this infection; they very much do have this infection. Remember to watch your vagina after sex and urination. Please wash your vagina front to back as the yeast is present in the rectum and can reach your vagina if these movements are not followed.