Effective And Economical Homemade Treatment For Lice

Lice’s are an obstacle in one’s life to look hygienic. These days having an irritating parasitical creatures on your head has become very common everywhere.

Lice’s are seen mostly in small children and people who do not keep their hair and scalp neat and clean. Usually school going children develop this problem and it easily passes on to their family members and people who stay close to them, which worsens the problem.

Lice’s travel from one head to another very easily, so it is very important for one to deal with it carefully and systematically. Even single lice on the head can be very dangerous as it can lay many of its eggs. Lice causes great amount of itching in our scalp so it is important to get lice free hair as soon as possible. There is nothing to be ashamed of or feel sad about, as anyone can have this problem and there are also many solutions to it.

Causes Of Getting A Lice

There are many causes for having lice, but the major ones are dirt, dust, pollution, and infection in head. People generally do not wash their hair frequently which causes them to suffer from head lice. Over sweating in the head also adds fuel to the fire. Even having excess of dandruff, causes lice problems. Never take head bath with hot water as it not only damages your hair but also creates dandruff which in turn is the cause for lice.

Getting Rid Of Lice By Using Home Remedies

It is not easy to get away from the problem of lice. One should behave patiently and calmly to get rid of this problem. To start with, using lemon is a very good option. Apply lemon juice on your head for 5-10 minutes, and place a towel below your hair. After 10 minutes comb your hair through each strand and you will see dead lice’s coming out.

Using white vinegar and tea tree oil is very beneficial, as the vinegar gulps all the lice eggs stick to our scalp and the smell of tea tree oil is not liked by the lice. After applying this on your head use a wet comb on your hair. Or use curd and lemon simultaneously on your head for 15 minutes. Though curd gives a bad smell to your hair but with time the bad smell goes away.

Or take dill seeds and grind it in a grinder so that it forms a paste then in a pan put some lime pieces and boil them. Put it in the dill paste and leave it to cool. When it cools a bit then apply it on your head. You can also start rubbing the lime on your head and leave it for 10 minutes. Then after a while comb each strand of your hair. You will see dead lice falling down. Then wash your hair with water.

Use fish oil on your scalp and leave it on your scalp unless it is saturated for 1 hour or so, then rinse your hair and wash it. You can mix some vinegar with half a cup of mayonnaise until it is a little thick then add 6-8 drops of tea tree oil to it and mix well. Apply the mixture to all the strands of your hair. After some time you can wash it off with water.

Buy a lice comb from the market which is made of metal and is specially designed to kill the lice. Simply combing your hair with it does the needful sometimes. Listerine is another way you can get rid of lice. Applying Listerine to dry hair and leaving it for around 10 minutes till it is saturated is also a solution to the problem. By using the above remedies for at least 12-15 days regularly will help you to get rid of this problem.

Other Ways To Get Rid Of Lice

It is not always so difficult to get rid of lice unless you make it difficult yourself. Never use bad quality shampoo for your hair as it is important for hair to get essential nutrients just like our body needs for its healthy growth. Not only shampooing is of great use for your hair but even conditioner is equally important. It is vital that your hair should be conditioned properly.

Use clean towels, bed sheets, bed covers, and pillows. Never sleep on a dirty bed sheet. Even when you are applying any of the solutions to get rid of lice then make sure you change your bedding and pillows. Cleaning your hair accessories like hair pins, hair clips, hair bands, your combs etc, every now and then with a cleansing solution is a must, as this will make your hair accessories free of lice if still there is any.

Never use any liquid material to get rid of lice problems without any recommendations as it can harm your hair and scalp to a great extent. Always check what products you are using for your hair, because many a times there are certain chemicals which do not suit your hair and can cause lice. Beware of cheap hair products available in the market. Always wash your hair after 3 -4 days. Oiling your hair once or twice in a week should also be on your priority list as it not only strengthens your hair and keeps it in good health but also makes your hair free from lice and dandruff problems.

Taking Knowledge About Lice Treatment

You can always explore health magazines, internet, take some experts advice on this issue. You can use special lice treating shampoos which are available in the market days. If still the lice problem persists you can visit a hair specialist or a person who is specialized in this field for curing this exhausting problem.

If the above tips are followed sincerely, then there is a complete surety that you will never have lice problems and will have a lice free scalp and hair!