Effective Diet And Exercise Tips To Treat Inflammation

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inflamation cures The first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘inflammation’ is the redness or swelling that appears on the skin when you hurt yourself.

Although this is a natural process initiated by the body to protect the wounded area from infections and to cure the wound quickly, inflammation can be a cause for concern if it fails to stop even after the work is complete.

Basic Facts About Inflammation

Inflammation is a process that occurs throughout the human body and works alongside the immune system to fight off bacterial infections, tumors and other disease causing organisms. It is a short term process that usually kicks into action the moment we incur a wound.

Accordingly, the immune system would send out appropriate signals to all parts of the body to make sure that the damage remains minimal. The blood flow increases in the wounded area stimulates the formation of white blood cells that help to neutralize the affected area and thwart off infections. These cells are followed by proteins which block off the wounded area to prevent infections from spreading to other parts of the body.

The entire process of neutralizing and sealing the wound can be termed as acute inflammation and inflamed skin tends to be reddish, swollen and painful. But that would be the body’s way of assuring you that everything has been taken care of properly and that you don’t need to worry about the same anymore.

When Inflammation Becomes Dangerous

Acute inflammation is more visible and is not termed dangerous at all. However, inflammation that continues to work on the body even after everything is taken care of can cause dangerous issues in the body in the long run. And the worst part of all this is that you won’t feel a thing in this case (chronic inflammation).

Issues Caused By Chronic Inflammation

Although the effects of chronic inflammation are not visible, they can wreck havoc on an otherwise healthy body with time.

Heart Disease

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It has been found out that individuals who have chronic inflammation are at higher risks of suffering from heart related disorders and diseases even if the other vital parameters like cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels are normal.

Chronic inflammation has also been found to increase the propensity of the plaques present in the heart (due to high cholesterol, blood pressure or sugar levels) to cause strokes and heart attacks.


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Chronic inflammation caused by exposure to harmful elements like silica, cigarette smoke or asbestos can cause cancer in individuals. The issue is often characterized by the slow but potent degradation of the tissues in the body, and the significant inhibition of the growth of healthy cells, thereby aiding in the multiplication of cancerial cells.


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According to recent studies, individuals suffering from chronic inflammation have higher chances of contracting Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Chronic inflammation has the ability to interfere with obesity and insulin resistance, factors that are crucial for the management of diabetes.

Ways To Control Chronic Inflammation

There is no easy way to beat chronic inflammation and like other similar life threatening diseases, the issue requires a strong commitment from your end. This involves sticking to three basic rules which would include a proper diet, a proper exercise regime and a proper restriction on smoking.

Diet Considerations

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Foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids can help inhibit the formation of additional white blood cells in those parts of the body that are already inflamed. Accordingly, you can opt for foods like nuts, fish and flaxseed etc. to achieve the same.

Foods rich in antioxidants (including fruits and vegetables) are known to fight off free radicals (that can potentially cause inflammation) from the body. For example, foods like spinach contain carotenoid which acts as an anti inflammatory agent in the body. Fruits like pineapple contain an enzyme called bromelain that also helps to control inflammation.

Use olive oil (one of the best known natural anti-inflammatories) for cooking and add more turmeric, black pepper and ginger to your dishes; all of which act as potent anti inflammatory agents.

Fitness Considerations

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Obesity is known to trigger a spate of health related ailments in the body. And chronic inflammation happens to be one of them.  Excess body weight usually leads to the increased formation of inflammatory proteins in the blood, thereby causing chronic inflammation.

Inactivity can also cause inflammation in the body. And so, in order to combat both obesity and chronic inflammation in the long run, it is best considered that you start following a dedicated fitness routine on a regular basis. If you are not cut out for heavy duty works, opt for more moderate ones like walking, cycling, jogging or swimming etc. A 30 minute exercise routine ever day of the week would help you stay fit and fight off inflammation.


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There is no other way to fight off chronic inflammation. In order to dieting and exercising well, you need to let go of smoking to stay safe from the disease. Studies have shown that restricting smoking can cause immediate positive changes in the body and can help you recover from chronic inflammation in no time at all.