4 Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

4 Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

There are many exercises that can be opted for reducing weight. In this article we will have a quick look into the various exercises which helps to shed weight with the aid of weights. Using weights to reduce fat is an ideal way because weights help to build the lean muscle.When muscles are built more calories are burnt.The calorie that is burnt is high because a lot of energy is required by the muscles, so calories are burnt while generating energy.

Medically also it has been accepted that using weights will help to reduce weight harmlessly. Weights also help one to have strong bones. One important thing that one needs to know is before commencing the exercises it is imperative to do stretching exercises at least for ten minutes. Directly doing weights is not advisable. A warm up is required before the weights workout is beginning. Listed below are the exercises that one can do by using weights.

Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Chest Press


In this exercise one has to lie down on a flat surface. It can either be a bench or a floor. After lying down one has to bend the knees, bend the elbows and hold the weight in such a way that the palm is facing outward.

Slowly move the hand up so that it is straight and the weights are touching. Repeat this action ten times. This exercise is very good for pectoral muscle.

Bent-Over Row

Bent-Over Row

In this the right knee has to be in placed on the bench by using the support of the right hand. The back has to be in such a way that it is parallel to your ceiling. Hold the weight in the left and slowly lift the arm till armpit and get back to the original position. Repeat this action for ten times.

Change sides and again repeat this action for ten times. In case one does not have a bench they can do this by just keep their legs apart and by bending the knees. The muscle that is there behind the shoulder gets a lot of strength when this exercise is done.

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Triceps Extension


In this exercise one has to lie down flat on the back. The weights have to be held in the hand in such way that the weights are right above the eyes. The elbows must be bent and the palm should face each other.

Slowly lift the arm straight, however there has to be a very mild bend so as to activate the triceps. This exercise can be done either on a bench or on the floor. This exercise provides a lot of strength to the triceps muscle.

Biceps Curl

side bicep curl

In this the weight has to be held in the hand in such a way that the palms are facing up. Gradually the arms have to be curled in a way that they touch the shoulder.

One can either sit or stand and do the exercise. This exercise is to strengthen the biceps that is there in the upper arm.