6 Effective Home Remedies For Indigestion


Dyspepsia, which is commonly known as indigestion, is an uncomfortable feeling in the upper abdomen, an upset stomach. Indigestion, usually shows the symptoms of a burning sensation in stomach, nausea, bloated stomach etc. For some people, stomach and intestinal complications can be a frequent occurrence.

Indigestion may occur recurrently, as an indication of some severe internal problems. In that case, one should resort to medical advise. Whereas, in normal case, it can easily be treated through some simple home remedies.

Best Home Remedies For Indigestion

Take Cumin Seeds In All The Possible Ways

Add some cumin seeds in the boiling water and keep it filtered. Drink this water at frequent intervals. This is an excellent remedy for curing this digestion related problems. Cumin seeds can also be chewed and swallowed with some hot water. Cumin seeds can also be taken in the other way.

Cumin Seeds

Take a glass of  buttermilk. Add one or two pinches of dry ginger powder and roasted cumin seeds powder into it. Mix it well and drink it after every meal. If taken this flavored buttermilk consecutively for few days, it gives a great relief from indigestion, gastric disorders and burning sensation.

Asafoetida With Banana

Apart from its excellent properties of antispasmodic and expectorant, asafoetida acts as an important herb in treating indigestion. This spicy herb not only speeds up the digestion of food, but also alleviates the problems of heaviness, nausea, bloating or gas after eating. Add two pinches of asafoetida powder with a mashed banana and add a teaspoon of honey.


Eat this stuff to get immediate relief from indigestion and the related symptoms. Certain enzymes in bananas speeds up digestion. Bananas naturally nourishes the friendly probiotic bacteria in the colon. This friendly bacteria helps to improve the health of the digestive system.

Ginger Lemon Tea With Honey

Boil some water with finely chopped ginger pieces. After boiling filter it and add some lemon juice into it. Add a teaspoon of honey and drink warm. This lemon and ginger proves to be a good combination that treats digestive ailments in an effective manner, as it has anti-flatulence effect.

Ginger Lemon Tea With Honey

This ginger lemon tea is very effective for indigestion and bloating in the stomach.

Fenugreek With Buttermilk

Take a glass of buttermilk. Add less than half teaspoon of slightly roasted fenugreek seed powder into it and a pinch of salt. This is a simple home remedy that aids in the digestive process and helps relieve common symptoms of an upset stomach.

Fenugreek With Buttermilk

As fenugreek seeds contain high polymeric carbohydrate structure, it helps in digestion by easily breaking the undigested  food particles. Fenugreek powder can also be taken with plain hot water, for that matter.

Chew Carom (Ajwain) Seeds

Simply chew half teaspoon of carom seeds and swallow them with hot water. Carom seeds can also be slightly roasted and powdered. Half teaspoon of this carom powder can be added with a glass of lemon juice, mixed with baking soda and a pinch of salt.

Carom Seeds

This mixture proves to be an instant home cure for flatulence, nausea due to indigestion, bloating and gastric problems.

Mint Tea With Honey

Add some mint leaves with boiled water (don’t boil the leaves). Wait until the five minutes are up and then strain it and throw the leaves away.

Mint Tea With Honey

Add a teaspoon of honey to taste. Mint tea is actually invigorating and improves digestion when taken regularly after meals.