8 Effective Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is very common among women. Most women experience a yeast infection at least once in their life time. Yeast infection is the overgrowth of yeast like fungus in vagina. Yeast is already present in the vagina in small numbers but as the estrogen or sugar level starts increasing the yeast cells present in the body also start multiplying causing infection.

The fungus of yeast infection is scientifically known as Candida and the fungus of vaginitis is known as Candida Albicans. Yeast infection may cause itching and soreness in the infected area of vagina and this infection may also give rise to acute pain or burning sensation during urination. Consult a doctor in case it reappears for more than four times in a single year. It can be sexually transmitted in men.

Yeast infection is very common among pregnant women and such ladies should avoid all kind of anti fungal cream and medicines. One can consult a doctor who may just suggest few medicines which may not be as effective as home remedies. Home remedies give permanent solutions with no side effects. Home remedies are easily available and gives effective solutions from yeast infections.

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

Effects Of Garlic

Garlic is one of the most effective home remedy for treating yeast infects. It is highly recommended during yeast infection. Garlic contains antifungal properties which kills the fungus Candida Albicans and puts a stop on the growth of yeast. There are different techniques of using garlic. Garlic is a much faster and effective remedy than using any of the ointments and creams for yeast infection. It can be treated by internal consumption and external application.


One can prepare a thick paste of garlic and water by grinding it well and applying the paste over the affected area for an hour and rinse it with cold water. It helps to reduce the pain and burning sensation in a week’s time. One can include garlic in their daily diet while cooking or can also consume it raw directly with water. In either way effects of garlic will be seen in eliminating yeast infection.

Application Of Yogurt

One of the most simple and best home remedy that reduces the yeast infection is application of yoghurt. Yogurt is a common member found in every household kitchen or refrigerator and it is always available in the market. So one can buy it from there. During this remedy one needs to check that they use plain yogurt and not flavored or no sugar or fruit is mixed with it.


We can apply this as an antiseptic cream. We can dip the spatula in the plain yogurt and then insert this spatula over the affected areas at least for an hour or one can wear a pad over night placing the yogurt on the pad which gives a soothing and cooling effect. Such an application should be done twice or thrice daily to reduce the pain and itchiness caused due yeast infection. In a week’s time yogurt easily cures the whole infection.

Intake Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Another good home remedy curing yeast infection is starting consuming apple cider vinegar daily. One should add 2-4 table spoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water and drink this 8 ounce of water daily .

Apple Cider Vinegar

It helps to reduce the fungus Candida causing yeast infection from within the body and also curbs the pain and sensation caused due to the infection. It is an internal way of curing yeast infection.

Treating With Cranberry Juice

Cranberry is considered to be another effective home remedy that usually wards off the yeast infection. It usually contains both anti fungal and antibacterial properties that fight the fungus Candida.

Cranberry Juice

One should be consuming minimum three glasses of cranberry juices 100% genuine ones per day but make sure they aren’t sweetened or the effects will worsen. It helps to reduce the yeast infection symptoms and is also effective in treating all urinary tract infections. It gives speedy recovery.

Application Of Tea Tree Oil

One can also apply tea tree oil extracts to curb yeast infection. It is used in many medicines of yeast infection. One can directly apply it over the affected areas of yeast infection to check the results. One can also mix some amount of water if they feel scared of directly applying the oil on the affected area.

Tea Tree Oil

Apply the oil extracts minimum 2-3 times a day and with regular use one can eradicate the infection completely less than a week. The oil extracts gives instant relief from pain and burning.

Healing With Oil Of Oregano

One can treat yeast infection with oil of oregano. One should apply this oil directly on the skin as it may cause severe pain and itching over the affected area. Rather we can just dilute with olive oil .

Oil Of Oregano

We can mix 3 drops of oregano oil and one drop of olive oil and blend it properly. After blending apply it directly on the affected area. It helps in eliminating the germs produced by yeast infection and also reduces it symptoms like itching and white discharge problems.

Application Of Coconut Oil

Very few people know that coconut oil can cure yeast infection. The coconut oil contains lauric acid that works slowly but effectively over the fungus Candida causing yeast infection. We can mix coconut oil with water and apply it over the affected areas. It helps to reduce the irritation caused in the skin due to growth of yeast infection.

Coconut Oil

One should apply it 3-4 times daily to reduce the rashes of yeast infection. One can also consume it internally while cooking to prevent yeast growth. But application helps the most.

Consumption Of Green Tea

Green tea contains anti oxidant and anti fungal properties that stops from yeast to multiply. One can directly consume green tea to reduce the effects of yeast infection. One cup of green tea daily helps your body to prevent the growth of yeast infection.

Green Tea

There is no need to directly apply it on yeast infection. One should consume the green tea without adding sugar instead add it with honey to reduce the pain and irritation caused by yeast infection.