Effective Methods To Understand Different Menstruation Signs

Menstruation signs Your mother must have told you not to be alarmed if you see blood on your panties because you will be getting your period. She even bought pads and tampons and showed you how they are to be used.

However, she might have forgotten to explain the signs and symptoms that indicate the arrival of a period. Also, it may be the case that the mothers of other girls haven’t told them about menstruation, but they know about them because their friends are going through it.

Understand Signs Of Different Menstruation

Charting The Menstrual Cycle

For determining when they are ovulating, many women opt to chart their menstrual cycle. In order to predict when your next period is, ovulating charting can prove to be immensely useful. What people need is a simple calendar that has all the days in the month. The day your period happens, it should be marked on the calendar. This is the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Charting The Menstrual Cycle

The first day of the period next month also has to be recorded on the calendar. The length of your cycle can be determined by counting the days in between. From Day 1 of your cycle, count back 14 days to know when you are ovulating. Although it isn’t an accurate method, it gives women an idea of their ovulation time and understand her period.


Severe menstrual cramps are also experienced by most women. It is not normal for women to experience severe menstrual cramps. Typically, a woman may go through a small amount of cramps during their monthly cycle or menstruation and there are even some women who do not face any cramps during their period at all.

Menstruation Cramps

This is one of the most common signs of menstruation. It is necessary to visit the health care provider and get yourself evaluated if you are suddenly experience severe menstrual cramps. In this way, you can determine the cause of the sudden pain during your regular monthly cycle.

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Emotional Distress

You might wonder why you aren’t sleeping at night and why you have frequent mood swings. These are the indicators of an upcoming period.

Emotional Distress

Typically, women are known to suffer from lack of concentration and are also oversensitive, depressed, nervous and irritated. You will know that menstruation is around the corner because these emotional roller-coasters tend to be extreme and mild both.

Skin Troubles

Before the commencement of the period, the hormone levels in the body fluctuate. Therefore, teenage girls often suffer from acne. Girls may suffer from various skin irritations because their skin becomes sensitive and their face, feet and hands swell.

Breast tenderness

Breasts also become tender due to fluid retention. This is quite normal and people shouldn’t get scared because it’s an alert.

Other Symptoms

One of the major signs that indicate that a period is coming is that girls start feeling exhausted and tired. Others alert of the upcoming monthly cycle are dizziness, spasms of muscles, joint pain, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, hot flashes and nausea. There is also an impact on sex life. Some women may develop an interest in sexual activities while some tend to lose it altogether.