6 Effective Natural Cure For Hypertension


High blood pressure (HBP) also known as hypertension is condition when there is increase in the pressure on the walls of the arteries due to the blood circulating in it. When there is an increase in the hormone adrenalin, it increases the pressure of the blood too.

The heart also exerts more pressure to pump the blood into the arteries and this creates a pressure called blood pressure. Some amount of pressure is required for proper functioning of the heart but when the pressure goes beyond the normal parameters of 140/90 we call it high blood pressure.

HBP can have adverse effect on the heart and needs to be treated immediately. There are no symptoms solely for HBP, but frequent headaches, nose bleeding or pain in the chest may mean a case of HBP. Medications available to treat HBP have a lot of side effects; one should look for natural ways to treat them.

Natural Cure For Hypertension

Garlic Cure For Hypertension

Eating of garlic is very effective in lowering BP as it dilates the muscles of the heart and also lowers cholesterol. It has been found that cooking of garlic reduces the allicin content in it required to lower BP.


Hence, it is advisable to eat raw garlic. Garlic can also be consumed with raisin to lower the BP.

Diet Cure For Hypertension

The food you eat has a lot of effect on the BP. People with HBP should avoid fatty fried and packed foods. They should not eat food having high content of sugar or sodium chloride. Rather, they can switch to oceanic salts.


They should always eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits are a good source of vitamin C and potassium which lowers BP. It is always advisable for people with HBP to shift to vegetarian diet. Non-vegetarian foods contain stimulants that increase BP. One should stop consuming caffeine and alcohol too.

Oils Like Fish Oil And Black Seed Oil

Fish oil helps to make the blood thin and hence, improve blood circulation. This in turn lowers the BP.

Fish Oil

Black seed oil also lowers the level of cholesterol and blood pressure hence can be used in HBP. One can take black seed oil with liquids like tea or juice also.

Herbs Cure For Hypertension

Several herbs have been discovered which lowers BP. Hawthorn is an herb which acts as a vasodialator and is used as an anti-hypertensive agent. Ginkgo Biloba is also an effective herb which improves the blood circulation in the body and lowers BP.

Ginkgo Biloba

It should be taken before food. Arjuna is also an herb that protects the muscles of the heart against HBP. Several other herbs like ginseng and tetrandrine are also used in HBP.

Consume Celery And Parsley

Consume Parsley

Eating of these products can lower BP. It has been discovered that the oil present in these products relaxes the arteriole muscles of the heart and hence lowers BP.

Exercise To Cure For Hypertension


Exercising and losing weight is very important in maintaining the BP. None of the therapies will work if you are obese. Leaves like tulsi and neem, seeds of fenugreek and watermelon, amla also help to lower the BP.