5 Effective Natural Cure For Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair

If you are also tired of your dry and thinning hair and would like to bring back its natural shine and luster, then read on for some simple and effective remedies.

Which promise to go a long way in making your crowning glory look fuller and better textured. Some of the best recommended natural cures and home remedies for treating thinning hair are discussed below.

Natural Cure For Thinning Hair

Raw Eggs

Apart from its inherent properties of strengthening and conditioning dry and thinning hair, a raw egg is very helpful in providing moisture to the scalp and making it thicker and longer.

Raw Eggs

Raw eggs should be applied topically on the scalp-at least once a week for best results. Take two eggs and crack them in a glass bowl. The eggs should be whipped properly to form a frothy paste. Mix in a small quantity of warm water and a teaspoon of an organic shampoo. This can be used regularly as an effective egg shampoo for alleviating the symptoms of thinning hair.


It is important to note that dryness in the scalp and improper care and nutrition are some of the main causes behind thinning hair and unwarranted hair fall. The high mineral and vitamin content in an avocado makes it an excellent natural ingredient for addressing the symptoms of thinning hair.


Apart from delivering adequate quantities of protein to the hair shafts, it also results in providing moisture to the scalp and regenerating new hair growth. Blend a fresh avocado in liquidizer and mix in a teaspoon each of jojoba oil and wheat germ oil. This mixture should be gently massaged on to the scalp and left on for 45 minutes. The head can be covered with a shower cap or warm towel for better results. Wash off with a mild and organic shampoo. Repeat at least once a week.


According to hair care experts and natural therapists, the moisturizing properties of ripe and fresh bananas are being increasingly used for treating thin and brittle hair and improving their dryness. Simple home based banana hair treatment can be done by mashing a ripe banana into fine pulp and adding a tablespoon of pure honey and an equal quantity of heavy whipped cream.

Mashed Banana

This mixture should be applied topically on the scalp by beginning from the roots and carrying on to the tips. The banana mix should be left on for an hour before shampooing. Repeat every week for good results.

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Fatty Acids

Oral intake of fatty acids helps in nourishing and regenerating the sebaceous or oil producing glands present in the scalp. As moisturized and healthy hair looks more voluminous and thick, the symptoms of thinning hair can be warded off by the consuming a tea spoon of flax seed or primrose oil on a regular basis.

Fatty Acids

Extra virgin olive oil and black currant seed oil are also effective ingredients for treating thinning hair.

Increasing Protein Intake

Proteins form the building blocks of tissues in the hair and scalp and their deficiency can lead to thinning and falling hair. Along with meat and poultry products, legumes, nuts, whole grains and quinoa can be added to the regular diet for increasing the protein levels in the blood.

Increasing Protein Intake

Thinning hair can also be tackled by following a healthier lifestyle and consuming a well balanced diet.