7 Effective Natural Cures For Arthritis


Arthritis is undoubtedly a very painful and debilitating disorder observed mostly among the aged persons. The bone joints wear away gradually with aging causing osteoarthritis, the common form of arthritis. Arthritis is not life threatening, but sheer negligence can seriously affect the mobility of the sufferer.

Pain and stiffness in the joints go on increasing with age compelling a person to lead a crippled life. People suffer from excruciating pain in the joints of knee, elbow, hip, shoulders and wrists including finger joints.

Symptoms of arthritis start showing up in middle aged women after menopause, which often results in a grave situation as they cross sixties and seventies. Pain killers and steroid shots do provide a temporary relief, but the natural cures for arthritis are more beneficial in the long run.

Top Natural Cures For Arthritis

Shed Your Extra Fat

This is one of the best natural cures for arthritis, which is often ignored by many. Extra pounds in your body exert more pressure on the bone joints especially on the knees aggravating its wear and tear. Your knee joints become weak as you age causing unbearable pain.

Shed Your Extra Fat

In extreme cases, you may need a knee replacement which is risky and expensive as well. Always keep your body weight in check and spare the bone joints from excessive stress. Statistics have proved that pain and inflammation due to arthritis goes away fast as you lose your body weight.

Increase Your Physical Activity

Leading a sedentary lifestyle reduces the flexibility of bone joints fast causing arthritis at an early age. Regular physical workouts of about 30-40 minutes are very essential to reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Increase Your Physical Activity

Whether it is brisk walking, swimming, jogging or cycling, physical exercises maintain the flexibility of your bone joints and also strengthen them. Adopt isotonic and isometric exercises to strengthen your bones and joints. Do seek professional consultation before adopting these strength training exercises.

Apply Ice Packs

Apply ice packs to treat arthritis of over stressed joints. A specialist orthopedic can guide you regarding this matter.

Ice Packs

Place few ice cubes in an ice bag and apply on the painful joints for 15-20 minutes. You need to repeat this treatment 2-3 times a day to avail the best results.

Treatment With Heat

This is another effective natural cure for arthritis. This treatment is applicable to reduce the pain and inflammation of the joints. Cold treatment may cause adverse affects in this case.

Treatment With Heat

You can use specially designed heat pads to apply heat on the inflamed joints. A warm shower is equally effective in treating arthritic pains. Relax in the warm bath water for an hour. Warm water relaxes muscles and joints reducing the pain and stiffness.

Have Sufficient Amounts Of Fish Oil

Omega 3- fatty acids present in cod fish is very effective in treating arthritis. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis showed significant improvement in their condition after taking cod fish oil capsules for sometime. Cod fish oil also contains substantial amounts of Vitamin A and D, essential for healthy bones.

Fish Oil

Vitamin D facilitates bone growth and maintains its strength while Vitamin A is known to have anti inflammatory effects. Be cautious while taking these vitamins, as overdose of both these vitamins may produce toxic effects. You can also include salmon and mackerel (rich in omega 3 fatty acids) in your diet to derive the required amount of essential fatty acids.

Drink Vegetable Juice

Drinking raw vegetable juice also helps in reducing the arthritis pain. Extract a cup of juice of any leafy vegetable like spinach, celery or watercress and add equal amounts of carrot and beet root juice to it.

Vegetable Juice

The alkaline vegetable juices aid in dissolving the deposits around the joints and help in reducing the joint pains. You can also drink fresh pineapple juice to treat pain and inflammation of the joints. The enzyme, Bromelain present in pineapple juice effectively treats your arthritic joints especially in case of osteoarthritis.

Try Epsom Salt Bath

Magnesium present in Epsom salt is highly effective in treating arthritis pain. Magnesium aids in bone growth and enhances blood circulation around the joints. Add 3 cups of Epsom salt in your hot bath water and immerse yourself in it.

Epsom Salt Bath

Relax in the hot bath water for half an hour. Epsom salt bath is very effective in treating painful arthritic joints. You can also have hot water baths regularly to reduce arthritic pain in case you run out of our Epsom salt stock.