7 Effective Natural Cures For Delayed Periods

Delayed Periods

Many ladies and girls suffer from the common chronic problem of delayed periods. Every third to fourth women may face delay in menstruation. A delay may vary in number of days, weeks or in months. 2-3 days delay is something which is pretty normal for most women. But in case the delay is more than a week or month is something to worry about. But delay in periods can occur due to many factors.

Overstress, Hormonal imbalance, Imbalanced diet, Weight loss, Thyroid, Polycystic ovarian diseases, Obesity epression Ovulation deficiency are common reasons in the delay of periods. Delay may give rise to twinge in breasts, acne breakout or person may feel heaviness in the lower abdomen. Try and avoid medicines given by doctors in concern for irregular or delayed periods as it might cause complications during pregnancy or in conceiving. One could naturally solve this problem without than rushing to a doctor. Natural remedies are most commonly practiced among women as it has successfully restored the regularity and have effectively put control over menstrual delays.

Natural Cures For Delayed Periods

1. Physical Exercises

One of the most effective and simple remedy in controlling delayed periods problems is through physical exercises. Physical exercise helps a body to maintain hormonal balances and also reduces stress thus putting a stop to delay menstruation. Yoga and other physical activities like Bhujanga asana, ardha chakrasan or the shoulder exercises are very fruitful in regulating menstruation concerns.

Daily exercises and meditation have effectively helped in reducing this problem and most commonly suggest by a doctor. Exercises helps in making you feel better and also helps to release chemicals from your body thus regulating the cycle of your periods. So in case you are facing the problem of delayed periods start exercising from today and check the difference within a month.

Physical Exercises

2. Dietary Intake

One can natural control delayed period problems through dietary remedies. Eating hot food always helps in inducing menstruation on time. One should increase the intake of juices and others fluids. Fruit juices are most highly recommended for timely menstruation especially carrot and grape juices.

Asafoetida should be consumed by the ladies suffering from delayed menstruation on daily basis. If taken with water on the first or second day of menstruation also helps to provide relief from pain and cramps occurred in stomach. Ladies should strictly say no to caffeine and alcohol rather should include milk in their daily diet chart. Try eating home made fresh green leafy vegetables as it helps to regulate your menstruation.

Fruit Juices

3. Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is another good way of controlling the problem of delayed periods. Since centuries women have been consuming homeopathic remedies that help in relieving them from menstruation delay. Pulsatilla, Caulophyllum, Calcarea carbonica, Bovista are some of the most common remedies that help an individual to overcome from the problem of delayed periods. But individual should consult a homeopathic physician before starting any of the above mentioned medicines as each individual signs and symptoms may vary so the doctor may suggest what concerns you the best.

Homeopathic Treatment

4. Ayurvedic Treatment

Another natural way of curing the problem of delayed periods is treating oneself with ayurvedic remedies. Ayurveda has recommended many successful remedies for treating menstruation delays. Ayurvedic medicines help in flushing of toxins from a women’s body as toxins with held may cause stagnation and blockage within the body. Sundari Kalp Forte, Ashokarishta, Rajaprabartini Bati are most preferred and used ayurvedic supplements for delayed menstruation. It also helps women to get relief from excessive pain occurred due to menstrual problem.

Ayurvedic Treatment

5. Effects Of Parsley

To get rid of the problem of delayed menstruation is consuming parsley juices regularly. It is one the most efficient and effective remedy to prevent menstruation disorders. One can extract the juice of it and regularly consume it daily. It helps get periods regularly on time without any delay.


6. Paste Of Radish Seeds

Another efficient way of eradicating the problem of delayed periods is consuming a paste of radish seeds. We can grind some seeds of radish plants in powdered form and mix some amount of water to it. Add some amount of cow’s milk or butter to form a thick paste. Drink it daily. It is one of the best natural remedy that helps to cure the menstrual disorder and irregularities.

Paste Of Radish Seeds

7. Effectiveness Of Ginger

Ginger is another good remedy which helps to regularize your menstrual delays and also helps to regularize the cycle. We can pound and boil fresh ginger in about a cup of water for few minutes. Add honey instead of sugar and drink it after meals 3 times in a day. It helps to regularize the delayed period’s disorder and effectively maintains on time cycle.