7 Effective Natural Cures For Menopause


Life of a lady is full of different phases. Initially she is a daughter or a sister and then in she becomes a beloved or a wife. Later on she becomes a mother, the most beautiful feeling on this earth. Physically also she goes through changes all through the different phases. The most enigmatic change in a woman’s body is her menstrual cycle. With the start of this, she is able to become a mother. Alas! she is not able to sustain this phase of life all through.

In her late 40s she happens to go through a typical phase known as menopause. As the name says, it is a small pause in the life of a lady after which the life changes a bit. She is unable to conceive after going through menopause. There are many uncomfortable problems related to menopause. A few may face many troubling symptoms and a few may not. It is not at all a disease, but a beginning of a very different phase for the older ladies. There are many natural cures of menopause. I will try to list down few important and effective cures below. To start with:-

Effective Natural Cures For Menopause

Phytoestrogen Rich Food

It is a plant derived estrogen which helps in balancing your imbalanced hormones to get over the effects of menopause. I would definitely like you to go for a diet rich in phytoestrogen.


You can opt for carrots, apples, oats etc. for the same. Garlic is also a readily used spice which you can have in your daily diet, as it is rich in phytoestrogen. Olive oil and sunflower oil is also rich in the phytoestrogen and can be consumed daily by using it to prepare your food.

Flax Seeds (Alsi Seeds)

In India it is known as Alsi seed(Tisi seeds). Flax seeds are very rich in isoflavones which is very beneficial for health. Flax seeds can be consumed in the form of oil as well.

Flax Seeds

Intake of flax seeds help in curing menopause. Many doctors recommend a balanced intake of flax seeds so as to keep the estrogen effects in control.

Black Cohosh

It is a well known herb used in the cure of menopause. It is naturally found in the form of roots. It should be taken in a balanced amount and over dose may be harmful.

Black Cohosh

It is found in the herbal stores in the form of tablets of dry extracts. You can take 2 tablets a day but not for more than six months. Your daily dosage should not exceed 900 milligram, else it will be an overdose.

Yoga & Aerobics And Exercise

Deep breathing exercise helps a lot. You should take maximum 6 to 7 slow breaths in one minute and follow this process for 15 minutes for best result. Do this twice a day. It will reduce your menopause problems by keeping the blood circulation in your body moderated. Aerobics also helps a lot.


Exercise will give you relief from insomnia due to menopause. It will give you a peaceful sleep. Meditation helps you reduce irritability. Following this regime everyday for 30 minutes will help you deal with menopause.

Wild Yam(Jangli Ratalu)

It is a very healthy vegetable to be included in diet. You can prepare a salad or an appetizer by sprinkling some pepper and salt on the boiled wild yam.

Wild Yam

It is a hydrating vegetable which can be consumed on daily basis. It is very effective in keeping menopause symptoms at sail.

Soy Food

Including soy food products in your diet will naturally cure your menopause problems.

Soy Food

It is full of protein and estrogen which regulates the body hormones making your bodily functions balanced. You can prepare delicious recipes for your daily intake.

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It is one of the oldest herb known in the Indian history. It is being used by our herbal gurus in different ways to get rid of many kind of diseases naturally. It can help you get rid of menopause symptoms naturally. It is generally available in the herbal stores in the form of dried powder or sliced roots. You can soak the dried roots overnight and make a paste for intake.


You can also have it in the form of dissolved solution made out of the powder. It is a trusted natural cure which is accepted world wide.These are a few natural cures for menopause which will be able to help you. One more thing I would like to add on is that you should try to keep your body completely hydrated by drinking minimum 3 to 4 liters of water daily and maintaining your room temperature at a lower side.