3 Effective Remedies For Vaginal Sweating

Some of sweat more profusely than others. And even though it may not be that big an issue, it could be a cause for embarrassment when accompanied by a bad smell. The same goes for ladies who find it extremely difficult to handle excessive sweating in sensitive areas like the vagina.

How Is Excessive Sweating Caused?

Also called hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating in individuals occurs due to a hyperactive nervous system. And controlling the nervous system (which at times seems to have a mind of its own) is no easy task. When the body’s nervous system goes into overdrive, it tends to activate the sweat glands which in turn cause excessive sweating in areas like the face, palms, underarms, genital regions etc.

1. Vaginal Sweating

In addition to giving a general feeling of discomfort, excessive sweating can sometimes cause a fish like odor to emanate from the body. This in turn can cause issues on the emotional and social front wherein the individual would most likely be ignored or shunned by his/her friends and loved ones. Vaginal sweating in ladies can cause the same issues as mentioned above. However, it can be treated effectively with a few tips and tricks.  And here they are!

2. Find Out The Reasons

The first step to preventing vaginal sweating involves finding out the exact reason for the same. Make note of the days that you sweat more profusely. Then find out possible reasons for the same. For instance, something you ate or drank could have triggered the sweat glands in your body. A certain habit of yours could cause excessive sweating. Write down all the possible things you did on the day you sweat a lot and check them off one by one on a comparative basis. It may take some time to zero in on the exact reason as to why you sweat excessively, but once you nail the same, you can stop worrying about the issue.

3. Use Pads

Using sanitary/absorbent pads can be a pain during menstruation itself. The very thought of using them on normal days could lead to a headache. But if you suffer from excessive vaginal sweating, this would be one of the best options for you. Keep some pads in your handbag and use them when you feel a sweat coming. Choose pads that are light and less absorbent. For in addition to curbing vaginal sweating, you need to make sure that you don’t strip the area completely of moisture.

4. Herbal Teas

Check with a practitioner for herbal remedies that could help you curb vaginal sweating. Accordingly, teas prepared from certain herbs like sage can have beneficial effects on the issue. There are also herbal creams that you can apply over the area to curb sweating. Do check the ways in which you can use the herbal remedies and take note of possible side effects before opting for them.

5. Intense Physical Activity

Sweating more can actually help you curb vaginal sweating. If you stimulate your body to sweat more, you can possibly open up the pores in the body and clear them thereby curbing excessive sweating afterwards. An intense physical activity followed by a cold shower can also slow down the sweat triggers in your body.

Accordingly, indulge in an intense 20 minute workout every day and follow it up with a really cold shower.The sudden change in temperature would cause your body to react and change the way your sweat glands would usually work. Repeating this procedure at least twice a week would effectively curb vaginal sweating and you would be able to get rid of the issue and it’s after effects in no time at all.