Effective Solutions For Natural Menopause Relief


Menopause Woman’s reproductive years tend to come to a halt with menopause. Now, no more she acquires the childbearing capacity and saying goodbye to those reproductive phase of her life is in itself a traumatic phase as the complete hormonal balance goes out of tune. The drop in estrogen levels begin a few years before menopause and impart severe affect on women’s health.

But, women should look it in right prospective of gearing up for totally newer life free from hassles of bleeding every month. For managing the retrieval symptoms of menopausal effects, it can be managed and controlled by proper inputs and care.

Getting Relief From Natural Menopause Effects

Regular Exercising For Reducing Hot Flashes


A regular exercise routine helps in keeping bones strong and lowers down hot flashes considerably. Women performing weight bearing exercises for 45 minutes, twice in a week increases their bone density by 1% as compared to group of non exercisers, who show loss of bone density by 2%. Additionally, performing aerobic exercise further reduces the effect of hot flashes.

Improving Diet

Including a nutritional and balanced diet is critical in lowering the menopausal symptoms like skin dryness, sleep troubles and hot flashes. Avoid cocoa products of chocolate, caffeine and stop alcohol consumption as these act as triggers for hot flashes. Eat more of plant based foods like oats, almonds, brown rice, tofu, garlic and vegetables and fruits as these are rich in estrogenic substances that will aid in combating effects of dropped estrogen levels.

Avoiding alcohol

Include soy based foods as they are rich in isoflavones (phytochemical components) that help to lower cholesterol levels and keep osteoporosis away. Large amounts of plant estrogens present in flaxseed aid in hormonal regulation during the menopause phase.

Include Vitamin C And Vitamin E

Vitamin C is very essential for reducing the risk of fatigue and depression, observed during menopause too. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the degradation of cells from free radical formation and effectively counter s the issues of weight gain, bone loss and skin dryness, observed by many women during menopause.

Vitamin E is crucial during menopause and has shown to reduce hot flashes. Vitamin E is also helpful in overcoming vaginal dryness and is shown to get reduced by 50 percent in women consuming 400IU of vitamin E supplement, for 1 to 4 months.



Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by bones at menopause and is referred as natural tranquilizer, since it helps in overcoming the menopausal symptoms of irritability, anxiety and mood swings. Incorporate magnesium rich food sources of almonds, soybeans, pumpkin seeds and spinach.


Women practicing meditation on regular basis, during menopause showed a drop down rate in occurrence of hot flashes and those who had hot flashes were able to cope with those in a much better way.


Meditation has been observed to increase the positive energy levels that lowers the stress and helps to regain the vigor, thereby improving the quality of life.


Acupuncture is a traditional healing approach of Chinese that is observed to be immensely effective in lowering down the severity of hot flashes, amongst the menopausal women.


It aids in increasing estrogen levels and enhances endorphins production that further support in stabilizing the body temperature in menopausal women.