Effective Strategies To Deal With Gas In Pregnancy

Effective Strategies To Deal With Gas In Pregnancy

Effective Strategies To Deal With Gas In Pregnancy The sensation of feeling bloated, uncomfortable and passing copious amounts of gas is a very real experience for pregnant women. Gassiness is very normal during pregnancy. It can, however, become embarrassing especially if you are out in public and regularly passing air.

Gassiness is not particularly harmful for the growing foetus but it speaks volumes about your digestive distress and can keep people miles away from you. It is the bloating, which is a cause of concern because it can come in the way of eating well and ensuring that your baby gets sound nutrition. Here are some steps and measures that you can take to keep gassiness under check.

Ways to Deal With Gas In Pregnancy

Keeping Constipation At Bay Will Reduce Gas During Pregnancy

One of the biggest fallouts of constipation is gas and bloating. If you are not regularly passing stools, all the waste products will pile up in your bowels and make you feel acutely bloated and gaseous. Therefore, it is very important to stay regular and ensure that your bowel movements are smooth.

Try to get in adequate amount of fibre from whole-wheat products, fruits, vegetables and legumes, all of which keep the fibre content of your food high. Drinking enough juices and water will soften the food as it is being digested, resulting in a smoother bowel movement and reduction in gas and bloating.

Spicy and Refined Foods Lead to Gas During Pregnancy

Some foods are bound to make you pass loud gas at regular intervals. These include spicy, fatty and refined foods and certain beans like red kidney beans. Not only are these foods not good for the baby but they are also more difficult to digest now that you are pregnant.

They tend to make the woman feel heavy, full and bloated, exacerbating the problems of gas and heartburn. Stick to soft foods and a diet that is high on liquids. Fat and grease in the food must be kept to the bare minimum.

Eat Smaller Meals to Overcome Gas In Pregnancy

One huge mistake, which women make during their pregnancies, is to continue eating three large meals. This not only taxes your digestive system but also makes you feel unusually gassy and bloated. One way of keeping this in check is to switch to eating smaller meals throughout the day.

Effective Strategies To Deal With Gas In Pregnancy

This will not only keep you satiated and well fed but will reduce the feeling of heaviness. Smaller portions of food are easier to handle by the stomach. Eat complex carbs and fibre, which will in turn keep the gassiness in check.

Eat Leisurely to Reduce Gas During Pregnancy

You may be ravenously hungry or thirsty but that does not mean that you gulp down your drinks or rapidly swallow your food. When you do this, you also take in a lot of air, which explains the feeling of fullness, and the large amounts of gas generated in the digestive system.

Make sure that you put aside at least half an hour every day for each of your meals. Sit down in a quiet place and take small bites of your food. Enjoy the taste of your food and chew slowly. Chewing slowly will make it easier for your stomach to handle the food. Eating too much and too fast is one of the reasons why women complain of excessive gas during their pregnancies.

Stay Calm

If something is bothering you or making you feel anxious, make sure you stay calm. Anxiety and tension will make you feel agitated and you will be more likely to gulp in air especially during your meal timings. Relax and learn to breathe easy. Do some mental relaxation and deep breathing exercises, which are likely to reduce some of your pent up tension and agitation.

Anti-Gas Medications

If your gas becomes completely out of control, make sure you speak to your doctor about it. Taking some anti-gas medication that is safe to take during pregnancy will go a long way in helping you out.

Effective Strategies To Deal With Gas In Pregnancy

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You can ask your doctor about the feasibility and efficacy of taking anti-gas medications.

Exercise to Lower Gas During Pregnancy

One of the reasons why women experience tummy troubles during their pregnancies is because they do not take the trouble of keeping active. It is very important to stay active in pregnancy. Take out the time to go for a long and luxuriating walk. This will not only help to burn calories and keep your weight in check but will also make digestion easier and reduce the load of food on your stomach. Try this for a week and see the difference in your gas symptoms.

Keep Weight in Check

If you are overweight or your baby is too large, it will exert enormous pressure on your belly and compound the problem of bloating and gas. This is also one of the reasons why some women experience a lot of heartburn in their pregnancies. Make sure you gain no more than a pound every week of your pregnancy. By keeping your weight in check, you will keep the uncomfortable symptoms of gas and bloating in check.

Stay Away From Gassy Vegetables

Certain vegetables have a notorious reputation of producing gas in the body. These include veggies like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

Effective Strategies To Deal With Gas In Pregnancy

Pay heed and avoid eating them unless your symptoms ease off after some time. Opt for healthier and gas free substitutes. You can also speak to your doctor about this.

Drink Enough Water

For any digestive ailment, water is an effective remedy. It keeps the entire gut and digestive tract healthy, thus eliminating symptoms of gas and bloating. If you cannot take too much of water at a time ensure that you sip on water throughout the day. Keep a bottle next to you so that you know the quantity of water that you are consuming. As the foetus grows, your water requirements will also go up.

With the above tips and measures, gas in pregnancy can be easily tackled and dealt with. The idea is to be fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. By the second trimester, gassiness tends to ease off.