4 Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Gums

Take Care Of Your Gums

Taking care of your gums is as essential as taking care of your teeth. For unkempt gums can lead to a spate of health related issues like gingivitis, plaque, inflammation etc. which can signal the start of deeper troubles like stroke, chronic inflammation,pregnancy complications, diabetes or heart diseases etc.

Are you completely sure that you clean your gums properly every time you brush your teeth? For studies reveal that even after regular brushing and flossing, some amount of bacteria tend to remain in the mouth, causing gum diseases and other related issues with time. And so, it is considered extremely important to make sure that your mouth remains bacteria free throughout the day. Here are some expert tips to help you achieve just that!

Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Gums

Maintaining Proper Hygiene

Although most of us brush only once in a day, it is considered extremely healthy to brush teeth twice a day. Some doctors even advise that you brush your teeth at least once after every meal to be extra precautious. Take the time to brush your teeth properly, making sure that you brush even those areas that are hard to reach.

Maintaining Proper Hygiene

Regular flossing is also advised for the effective removal of harmful bacteria from the same. In addition to all of this, it is recommended that you opt for a good quality mouthwash, preferably one that has ingredients that fight against the bacteria responsible for issues like plaque and gingivitis.

A Golden Rule About Flossing

Although regular flossing is considered extremely important for healthy teeth, it can cause an issue if you have weak gums or are affected by gum diseases. Issues like plaque; gingivitis etc. can cause the gums to bleed whenever you floss your teeth. If so, then the chances of disease causing bacteria entering your body via the same are pretty high.


So if you want to floss your teeth, it is recommended that you stick to only those teeth you wish to keep in the long run. Avoid flossing regularly on damaged teeth or teeth filled with plaque, cavities etc.

How Supplements Help

It is a known fact that the teeth require certain nutrients to remain healthy and strong for long periods.


These include essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous etc. all of which are considered extremely important for healthy teeth. If you are suffering from weak gums or teeth, it is recommended that you include foods rich in these nutrients to your regular diet.

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You can also opt to take calcium, phosphorous or magnesium supplements to compensate for missing nutrients in your body. In case you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, request to be prescribed a supplement which goes by the name of CoQ10 and helps the gums to heal quickly in addition to promoting the growth of healthy cells in the body.

Checking Out With A Dentist

The first signs of gum trouble and you feel you can take care of it on your own. Even though this may be considered ok, you would need to understand the fact that gum diseases can be attributed to several reasons. And finding out the correct reason for the issue plays an important role in ascertaining the correct treatment for the same.

Checking Out With A Dentist

Having your teeth checked out by a dentist would enable you to find out the correct treatment for your gum problems. Almost every kind of gum disease would start with the formation of plaque which your doctor would most probably remove using a technique called scaling and root planning (removing the plaque and bacteria from under the gum line). So go by the doctor’s advise when having your gums treated for issues.