Effective Treatment Of Sarcoma Of The Uterus

Treatment Of Sarcoma Of The Uterus

 Treatment Of Sarcoma Of The Uterus Sarcoma or uterine leimosarcoma is a very rare form of uterine cancer that originates in the uterine walls. This aggressive cancer that forms in the involuntary muscles of the uterus commonly occurs in older women over the age of fifty.

Less than 2% of the uterine cancers falls under the category of uterine leimosarcoma. Leimosarcoma is very life threatening in the advanced stages and like all kinds of cancers, early detection counts a lot in deciding the life expectancy of the patient.

Potential Early Symptoms To Watch For

Uterine sarcoma is very difficult to identify in the early stages. One needs to be very vigilant to catch the disease in the early stage to increase one’s chances of survival. Some women fall under the high risk category when it comes to uterine sarcoma.

These are the women who have had radiation treatment in the pelvic region for cancers of the reproductive organs and abdomen and those who have been or are still under treatment with Tamoxifen for prevention and recurrence of breast cancer.

Screening is very essential for such patients to detect any presence of sarcoma cancer, especially if you have symptoms like abnormal vaginal bleeding, irregular periods, abdominal discomfort and pain, unexplained weight loss, vomiting, nausea etc.

Treatment For Sarcoma Of The Uterus

It is very important to approach an experienced oncologist when you have leimosarcoma of the uterus. This being a rare form of cancer, great expertise is required to chart out the best treatment plan that can help the patient survive as long as possible and in a comfortable manner.

Surgical Intervention

Treatment Of Sarcoma Of The Uterus

The first line of treatment adopted for all kinds of aggressive cancers is to eliminate the immediate threat from the body, i.e. the surgical removal of the main cancerous growth that is inside the uterus. The line of treatment will be different for every individual based on the extent of growth and how far the cancer has spread.

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Different Stages Of Uterine Cancer

If the cancer has not spread beyond the uterine walls, there is a high chance of 100 percent successful treatment results. Once the metastasis has happened which is unfortunately the case in most detected cases of leimosarcoma, the treatment options are very limited.

The size of the tumour that is discovered plays a great role in deciding the success of the treatment. If the tumour is more than 5 cm in diameter, the patient’s chances o survival is dim even if the cancer has not spread far.

Newer Developments

Potential medications are in the process of development for treating metastasis of uterine sarcoma. Clinical trials are being conducted for drugs like filgrastim, docetaxel and gemcitabine to test its effectiveness on human body. As clinical trials have its own risk factors, patients who are in the terminal stages can go in for participation with the consent of the relatives and loved ones.

Sarcoma of the uterus has a fifty percent chance of survival if it is discovered at stage one. All other stages have very poor prognosis with survival rates falling rapidly from twenty percent to zero as the stage advances.