Effective Treatment Of Vaginal Infections

Treatment For Vaginal InfectionsWomen suffer from vaginal discharge at all times, as this is the natural secretion of the vagina. Some women however seem to suffer from heavier discharge due to pregnancy, hormonal changes and infection. While this too is perfectly normal, there are some steps to bring it in check especially if it is bothering you.

Tips To Prevent Vaginal Infections

Panty Liners

Panty liners become saviours for women suffering from vaginal discharge and vaginal infections. Panty liners are like mini pads, which are stuck on the surface of the panty, and they help to absorb excess discharge without soiling the panty. Make sure you change your panty liners frequently.

Wear Cotton Underwear

Treatment For Vaginal Infections
Cotton underwear is less likely to react to any kind of vaginal discharge and cause itching. It also allows air circulation. Nylon on the other hand may make you uncomfortable and also emit a foul smell after some time.

Discharge And infections During Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge during early pregnancy and late pregnancy is very common. Discharge in the first few months is due to the fluctuating hormone levels. If it is bothering you, get it shown to your doctor who may give you some safe medicines to bring it under control. If the discharge is itchy and causes redness, get it tested for a yeast or bacterial infection, which can prove to be dangerous during pregnancy.

Avoid Chemicals

Avoid the use of vaginal perfumes, sprays and douches, as this tends to upset the normal vaginal flora and can lead to vaginal infections.

Keep A Track

Treatment For Vaginal Infections
Keep a track of your discharge during an infection especially when it is heaviest or at its lightest. This will help you to identify the triggers and control them.

Beware Of STD’s

If you are promiscuous and have multiple sexual partners, then your chances of contracting an STD are high. This will also lead to more vaginal infections and discharge, which is thick, and foul smelling. Always ensure that you practice safe sex by wearing a condom to protect yourself against infections.

Wipe Front To Back

Always clean yourself front to back after passing stools or urinating. This will protect you from infection and discharge.

A Change In Lifestyle

Treatment For Vaginal Infections

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Make sure you drink adequate water, which will help to flush out toxins from our body. Eat well to boost your immunity and practise good personal hygiene to prevent contracting vaginal infections.

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At times, the vagina feels dry and irritated for no reason. Avoid scratching as this can lead to an infection and can cause severe discharge. If you are self-treating and see no improvement in the discharge, show yourself to a doctor who will treat you the correct way.

Say No To Sex

Do not have sexual contact if you are suffering from an infection and vaginal discharge. Wait for the infection to subside before you resume sexual relations.

Birth Control

Treatment For Vaginal Infections
Sometimes a birth control pill causes excessive discharge from the vagina. Make sure you switch over to another brand with milder symptoms. All these tips can go a long way in keeping you free from excessive vaginal infections though some discharge is very normal.