Effective Walking Plan For Total Fitness


Walking Plan for Quick Weight Loss Most of us dream of exercising big in order to achieve a healthy, toned body. However, once we actually start working out, we realize how hard it is to actually match an exercise regime with our fitness levels let alone follow the same regularly.

Choosing exercises that don’t match with our body constraints or fitness levels would leave us in bigger troubles than we were before. And so before opting for a particular workout, it is considered imperative that the person in question should check out the amount of physical strain that his/her body can handle and decide accordingly.

The Power Walk

The good thing about walking is that it is easily one of the least strenuous exercises around and does not need any prior experience, or a trainer to help you get the hang of it. Better yet, it can be tuned or altered appropriately to match your fitness levels and so does not place undue strain on the body.

The Benefits Of Walking

Walks are also considered the best options when it comes to choosing an exercise that could kick start your fitness regime. A brisk 1 hour walk can help you burn almost 300 calories every day, and can keep your body energized in the process.  Walking is also known to help take care of your blood pressure levels, bone strength and sleep patterns etc.

How To Start Walking

advantages of walking

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Although walking is not that hard an exercise, it could give you more benefits if you take some extra measures to help you keep track of your progress.

Wear a pedometer during the first few walks to ascertain the maximum number of steps you can walk without tiring. This would act as your baseline and you would need to increase it gradually with time. Here’s how you do it.

Once you find out what your baseline is, attempt to meet it every time you walk. Use good quality shoes that don’t tire you out quickly. And take brisk steps that keep you on the move while making sure that you don’t get exhausted quickly.

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After a few days, add an extra 1000 steps to your existing baseline and attempt to meet the same ever y day for the next few days. Opt for a few sessions of continuous intensity walking (walking briskly without stopping) in between these walks for added benefits. These sessions could last from anywhere between 3-5 minutes and need to be done on alternate days.

The next step involves adding 2000 steps to your original baseline and meeting the same for the next few days (maybe two weeks). After that, increase the baseline count by an additional 3000 steps and continue the same for about 7 days. Start the continuous intensity walking sessions again. Only this time make sure that the sessions last for about 7 minutes each. Keep on increasing the baseline count every week by following the guidelines mentioned above. And after a few weeks, take the fitness test.

The Fitness Test

The Fitness Test is aimed at finding out how much progress you have made and how well your body has responded to the fitness regime. Here’s how you go about testing your renewed fitness levels after following the fitness regime mentioned above.

Take your pulse right before you start walking and ascertain the pulse rate. Take your pulse again right after you finish walking. Wait for a minute to pass (resting time) and take your pulse again. Your fitness level would be judged by how soon your heart rate returns to its original pace. The quicker it becomes normal, the fitter you are!