Effective Ways Of Breast Cancer Prevention

Effective Ways Of Breast Cancer Prevention

Effective Ways Of Breast Cancer Prevention Breast cancer is one of the major causes of death amongst women. The disease not only affects older women but also has reportedly affected women of all ages. Breast cancer in women is one of the most common causes of early death in many women. October has been declared as the breast cancer awareness month.

You will observe pink ribbons everywhere to promote breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is initiated due to a cancerous cell, which grows in the tender breast tissue. It usually occurs in the area surrounding the nipple. Though breast cancer is very rare in males, the possibility is not totally eradicated.

Breast cancer being a dangerous killer can be cured. It is medically proven that breast cancer if detected early can be totally cured. However, there are certain rules laid down to prevent such a condition. The myth that cancer cannot be prevented has long been busted. Some of the important conditions have been listed here.

Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

Prevention of Breast Cancer Medically

It is very essential to get regular mammograms done for all the female members of the house especially if you have a medical history of breast cancer. Also, check if anyone in your surrounding has dense breasts. A dense breast is a breast that shows its tissues growing and multiplying at a very fast rate. These will make it difficult for a mammogram to detect any tumor. In addition, it is said that mammograms cannot be totally trusted and hence, it is advisable to go in for MRI and ultrasound.

It is extremely essential to reduce the body mass index. It is essential to exercise thirty minutes a day. This will help you remain fit and keep your body fat free and at a lower risk of contracting cancer. A healthy body will ensure a healthy hormonal balance. A healthy body will also include smoke free lungs. It is important for you to quit smoking and very limited alcohol consumption.


Eating healthy can also prevent the risk of contracting breast cancer. It is advisable to reduce animal fats and increase polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. Often eat isoflavins, which can be obtained from soy, peas, etc. You can also opt for lignans through vegetables, fruits, tea coffee etc. it is advised to eat more fiber, cereals, beans etc. calcium must be an integral part of diet.

Effective Ways Of Breast Cancer Prevention

For more intake of calcium, you could include in your diet more milk and dairy products, green leafy vegetables, fish with soft bones for example sardines. Include food with high amount of carotinoids. Consuming such a diet will not only protect you from breast cancer but also prevent you from many other diseases.

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It is advisable to do 3 minutes of aerobics daily. Walking is an easy exercise and can be followed regularly. Consider walking instead of taking the lift, small outings with family. At the end of the day it is essential to keep yourself active, you can do it the way you like it.

All these routines will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from breast cancer. These are effective as breast cancer prevention even for those who have earlier contracted cancer.