6 Effective Ways To Remove Pubic Hair

6 Effective Ways To Remove Pubic Hair

There are some areas in the body where it is quite easy to remove unwanted hair. And then there are some areas in the body which are hard to see or reach, and are quite sensitive as well. Removing unwanted body hair from these regions is something that needs to be done carefully. And while some people tend to opt for professional services to achieve the same, some prefer to do it on their own within the confines of their bathrooms.

One of these hard to reach areas is the pubic region which usually develops strong, coarse hair. And while it is generally hard to remove pubic hair compared to the other areas of the body, it is not an impossible feat altogether. Given below are the ways in which you can remove unwanted hair from the pubic region. Check out these techniques and choose the one that suits you for best results.

Ways To Remove Pubic Hair

1. Trimmers

The simplest method to remove pubic hair is to just trim off the area with the use of scissors or electric trimmers. Make sure you handle the scissors and trimmer carefully though. If you are not used to a scissor, opt for an electric trimmer that would just trim the surface and leave the roots intact. Clean up the area properly after trimming and repeat the procedure once every 2 weeks or so to curb hair growth.

2. Depilatories

More common among individuals are the numerous lotions and creams for hair removal. No more fussing, no cutting, no accidents and no pain. The process involves just a cream that you need to apply on the hair for 10 minutes before wiping off the cream (and the hair) completely with a cloth.

Of course it is less time consuming than trimming or shaving, and enables hair to grow back smoother as well. However, some creams may cause allergies and some may react with the natural vaginal odor to produce unfavorable and rather unpleasant smells.

Always make sure that you do a patch test on your skin (preferably on the hand or leg) before applying the cream or lotion to the pubic region. If the skin becomes inflamed or develops a rash, chances are your pubic area would suffer the same fate. In these cases, it is better to stay away from depilatories and opt for other methods of pubic hair removal.

3. Shavers

Shaving can be a good option for those who want a bare pubic region as opposed to the one got by trimming, but can’t opt for creams as well owing to allergies. The razor would be the next best option in this situation and can give you spotless, smooth privates within minutes.

The best way to get super smooth skin after shaving is to do it in the midst of a warm shower. This would make sure that the skin in the pubic region retains its softness even after shaving in addition to effectively washing away loose hairs, thereby freeing you of the trouble of having to clean up after shaving.

Again, shaving pubic hair can have its disadvantages if you are not experienced with the razor. You could develop razor cuts, burns and skin irritations. You would also have to keep on shaving the region to prevent hair from growing back. Then again, there is a strong possibility for the formation of ingrown hairs.

4. Waxing

Although it is not a permanent solution to pubic hair removal, it is comparatively better the above mentioned methods and can prevent hair regrowth for longer periods, if you can handle the pain that is. Of course we all know what waxing means. The process would involve applying hot or cold wax to the region, pressing a paper or cloth against it and ripping off the same after a few seconds. The procedure is extremely painful and is usually restricted to the areas of the body that are not sensitive. But its prolonged effect and advantages (regrowth of smooth hair) has made individuals opt for waxing as an effective way to removing unwanted body hair, even in the pubic region.

5. Electrolysis

Until laser was born, electrolysis was considered as the best option for pubic hair removal and still is, considering the fact that it is the only known method for permanent hair removal. Even though the process is very expensive, the end results are mostly worth the money and effort.

When it comes to the pubic region, electrolysis can be considered a good option only if you want to keep the area bare all your life, and have the money necessary for the treatment. Not to worry though for since the pubic region is small (compared to the other areas of the body) the number of sittings for hair removal would also decrease substantially.

A hitch to this method then lies in the time it takes for the removal of pubic hair in each sitting. Since each hair follicle has to be treated separately, it could take a lot of time, even hours to finish a single sitting. The procedure which generally varies with the skin tone and texture may also be painful for individuals with sensitive skin.

6. Laser Hair Removal

And finally we have the laser. Although not a permanent method of hair removal, laser hair removal is considered more effective, less painful and cheap when compared to the other methods.

Quite popular with individuals these days, laser hair removal can have its issues on dark skin tones and light colored hair, failing to work properly in both cases. And even though it provides an almost permanent relief to pubic hair, it doesn’t do away with the same for good.