5 Effective Weight Gain Tips For A Skinny Woman

It’s not often that we find people who are trying to gain weight, rather than lose weight.

In this age of ‘skinny’ being a fashionable thing, there are still women who want to put on a healthy weight rather than look anorexic and meagre.For all the skinny girls who are trying to add inches to your waist and bust line, here are some thrilling tips that you can follow.

Skinny Woman

5 Ways For Skinny Girls To Gain Weight

Visit A Nutritionist

This is very important as gaining weight should be a healthy process and one must aim to gain weight in the right proportion to your height and capacity.A nutritionist will be able to assess your body and give you the right diet plan which will help you gain the right body mass that is healthy.

Stick to a balanced diet and avoid adding excess fat and oily things in your diet which will probably lead you to an unhealthy weight gain than a healthy one.

Visit A Nutritionist

Calorie Intake

Calorie intake must be a monitored one and you must avoid saturated fat as well. It is also important to start adding more calories slowly so that your body will slowly get adjusted to the new diet plan. Do not get to the habit of gorging on junk food to put on weight fast.

This will only lead to weight gain which is unhealthy and you may not necessarily gain weight in the right places with this regime. Women mostly tend to gain weight in the thighs, hips and stomach and this must be controlled with the necessary steps while you try to gain weight. You can add extra calories of about 500-1000 depending on how much weight you want to put.

Calorie intake

Smaller Meals

Since adding more calories to your diet can leave you feeling very bloated, the meals that you take must be spaced out into smaller sessions so that you do not feel overfed or bloated all day through.

Try breaking your sold meals into smaller meals of five or six sessions every day. Try adding simple improvements to your meals like adding a syrup or sauce to your existing diet, which will help you cope better with the weight gain.

Smaller Meal

Add Liquids

Instead of drinking water, you can add more nutritious liquids such as milk shakes, fruit juices etc. which will help in adding the right calories to your diet and help you gain weight naturally. It is also important to add sufficient amount of water as well to your diet to keep your body hydrated.

Nutritious liquids

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Although the general perception about exercise is that only obese women should exercise and skinny women get skinnier with regular exercise, this is not the case.

While you are trying to gain weight, it makes sense to do the right exercises so that you do not gain excess weight and also have the privilege to sculpt you body in such a way that you gain weight only in the right places.Exercise is the only way by which you can attain a proportionate figure while you gain weight.