Effective Weight Loss Plans For Women Over 50

Effective Weight Loss Plans For Women Over 50

Effective Weight Loss Plans For Women Over 50

Weight management is important at any age. It makes you feel good and look good and you protect yourself from various ailments. Women over 50 have to be more careful about their weight because they are at a greater risk of gaining weight due to menopausal period, reduced physical activities and other physiological changes that occur in their bodies as they grow older.

Planning a weight loss programme is not at all difficult for women over 50. It is only a matter of preparing yourself mentally and make small changes in your lifestyle to maintain a proper diet and regular exercise regime.

Weight Loss Plans For Women Over 50

Watch What You Eat!

As you grow old your body’s nutritional requirements tend to change. Aging makes the muscles lax and your vital organs do not function as well as they used to when you were younger. You do not need to make drastic changes in your diet, you should not consume more calories than you burn. Increase the intake of protein rich foods like whole grains, legumes, cottage cheese and nuts. Proteins help to burn fats and increase muscle strength.

Watch What You Eat

Your body needs more calcium to maintain strong bones. Milk, yogurt, eggs and amla are good sources of calcium. Add them to your daily diet to prevent osetoporosis. Eat less of carbohydrates and fats. They are necessary for maintaining energy level but eating them in excess will lead to weight gain after the age of 50. You should switch to omega 3 fatty acids that are available in olive oil and soya bean oil. These are heart friendly fats and keeps cholesterol level under control.

Opt for roasted or steamed snacks such as idli, dhokla and roasted grains or nuts to reduce calorie count. Drink sufficient amount of water and other fluids like juice and soup for proper bowel function. This gives a feeling of well being and keeps you active. Avoid eating street foods as they contain harmful fats. It will only result in extra weight. Try to eat your meals at fixed hours to avoid in between munching.

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Exercises For Weight Loss

Combining exercise with a diet plan help to lose weight effectively for women over 50. Exercises strengthen the muscles and prevent your skin from sagging which generally happens when you are on a weight losing programme. You should choose an exercise programme according to your physical condition. If you are suffering from arthritis, diabetes, heart ailment or have undergone a surgery then you must consult your doctor before starting exercises.

Exercises For Weight Loss

You should combine strength training, aerobics and stretching exercises for total benefit. It will help to increase bone density, improve your cardio health and increase the flexibility of muscles. Women over 50 should avoid high impact exercises like jumping or skipping to prevent muscle injury or fractures. You can add fun to your workout by doing fusion workout like Power yoga, Yogilates, Piloxing etc. Fusion workouts give you the benefit of two weight loss programmes and will help you to lose weight faster while building up your stamina.