Eight Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women

symptoms of heart attack

symptoms of heart attack A person can experience several warning signs before getting a heart attack. Lack of knowledge or ignoring these symptoms leads to worsening of the condition, causing a severe form of cardiac arrest.

Women especially tend to neglect symptoms of heart attack believing the general myth that only men are prone to heart diseases.

If you are battling obesity and/or have diabetes and cholesterol related issues, you must be very careful and observe certain signs and symptoms that could possibly indicate heart malfunctioning or the presence of a different disease condition that requires serious medical attention.

Any sign of distress that makes you feel highly uncomfortable on a regular basis for a prolonged duration of time should be reported immediately to a doctor. Additionally, if you have a family history of heart patients, you must be extra careful.

Listed Below Are Eight Signs For You To Look Out For

Chest Discomfort

While this is the most common symptom experienced by many, something as simple as indigestion or regurgitation can also cause discomfort, making people neglectful. If you experience this for prolonged durations of time, it is advisable to get medical attention to rule out the possibility of any heart irregularity. If you specifically feel pain radiating from the center, it should be a cause of concern.

Toothache/Jaw Pain

heart attack symptoms

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A sudden excruciating pain experienced in your jaw or tooth could be an underlying sign of some type of heart disorder.

Shortness Of Breath

Some patients also suffer from sudden and severe shortness of breath. When your heart is not able to function normally, its ability to pump blood gets impaired. Since blood carries oxygen to different parts of your body, impairment leads to shortness of breath.


Heart attack symptoms

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You could suffer from mild to severe bouts of nausea. Many people tend to overlook this condition or get it wrongfully diagnosed. Older women in particular might develop this problem.

Profuse Sweating

Heart patients complain about profuse sweating even under cool climatic conditions.


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If you are feeling lethargic, tired and weak, even when you do not perform any type of work, your heart might just be showing your simple yet powerful signals that it is not able to function properly.

Arm Pain

A sudden excruciating pain generally in the left arm radiating through your shoulders requires immediate treatment. Women feel pain the shoulder blades too. If this pain is infrequent (appears and disappears regularly), you have all reasons to get worried.

Swelling Of Legs

Symptoms Of Heart Attack

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Fluid retention or inability of your body to carry away waste products could lead to swelling up of legs accompanied with pain. Remember that you need not necessarily experience all the aforementioned symptoms.

In fact, the severity and frequency of experiencing such symptoms vary from one individual to the other. Therefore, if you have a friend or relative who has experienced this, it is not necessary for you to go through the same symptoms.

However, in certain cases, you may not experience any symptoms at all, making this disease a silent killer. Do not forget to check out the mild symptoms too. If you have a strong family history, it is always advisable to get a heart check up performed on a regular basis.