Endometrial Cancer Symptoms

Endometrial Cancer SymptomsCancer is the most dreaded disease in the modern era. With advanced medication and researches cure for cancer is still at its nascent stages only. One goes through immense mental and physical suffering when suffering from cancer. Since the data backing the success rates of treatment of cancer are not very convincing, it is best to read its signs and symptoms at an early phase so that treatment can be started at the most basic stages.

One of the most popular cancers in the world is the Endometrial Cancer. It is considered to be the fourth most common gynecological malignancy in women after cervical and ovarian cancers. In this condition, the cancer cells form a layer in the endometrial lining of the uterus in females. This is mainly the reason why it is also known as Uterus cancer.

Endometrial is the inner lining of the uterus in mammals. It is susceptible to hormone changes, especially towards the end of menstrual cycle. This cancer targets women between the ages 50-70 years, generally when signs of menopause start appearing. The one good thing about endometrial cancer is that it is highly curable when detected at earlier stages.

Women above the age of 50, or who have menopause after the age of 55, who are infertile and never had a pregnancy, are obese, diabetic, have a history of estrogen treatment or tamoxifen therapy are at an increased risk of developing endometrial cancer. Given below are a few common symptoms in women suffering from Endometrial Cancer.

Common Symptoms Of Endometrial Cancer

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding between periods is quite normal. But if the bleeding gets abnormally high, then it is very important to consult a doctor.

Endometrial Cancer

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It is mainly due to overgrowth of pre cancer cells in the uterine lining which is caused by the breaking of endometrial capillaries or blood cells. This is not a sure sign of cancer, but best be attended than ignored.

Pain While Urinating

Painful urination is mostly related to the infection of the urinary tract that affects and causes pain, especially when the bladder is emptying. But at times it may be the indication of pre-endometrial cancer.

Lump or Swelling in the Pelvic

Lump in the pelvic is caused due to abnormal development of cells of the uterine lining or reproductive tissue. While swelling in most cases is caused due to inflammation of sexually transmitting virus or could be a symptom of Endometrial Cancer as well.

Pain During Sex

If you suffer from continuous pain, then it is mostly caused by vaginismus and vestibulitus sex. But in other cases it can also be caused due to cancerous cells.

Pain in the Abdomen Region

sign of endometrial cancer

Pain in pelvic can be caused by many reproductive diseases like, salpingitis, appendicitis or even uterine descensus. But apart from these it can also be the reason of endometrial early stage cancer.

Vaginal Discharge

An unusual amount of vaginal discharge with or without traces of blood can also be a sign of cancer. Weight loss, anemia, loss of appetite or fatigue are also few symptoms related to endometrial cancer. If you are experiencing any of these above symptoms, then you immediately need to get checked by a professional doctor. This will help you detect cancer at an early stage.

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