Endometrial Uterine Cancer Symptoms

Endometrial Uterine Cancer Uterus is one of the most important part of a women’s reproductive system. It holds the baby while it grows in its mother’s womb. The fallopian tubes open in to the top most part of the uterus and its lower side has cervix which opens in to vaginal tract. The menstrual periods is the inner lining of uterus that is made of blood and is referred to as endometrium. This lining is prepared by the body every month and sheds when the woman does not conceive.

The shedding causes menstrual cycle. The outer lining of uterus is tissues and cells. The endometrial cancer occurs when the lining of uterus begins to grow excessive tissues and cells that are malignant. The various symptoms to look for in case of this cancer can include the following.

Top Endometrial Uterine Cancer Symptoms

Excessive Vaginal Bleeding

This is the most common symptom of the uterine cancer. You may experience excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle and spotting before or after it.

Symptoms of Menorhrhagia

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You may judge the bleeding as excessive keeping your regular flow in mind or where you have to change the sanitary pad ones every two hours throughout the day. Women who have had their menopause also show this same symptom. Also, the bleeding may take long time to stop than your normal menstrual cycle.

Vaginal Discharge

Normally women in their reproductive years have vaginal discharge. However, if the woman has reached menopause and has whitish thick or blood stained discharge then that is a cause of concern. In case of younger women too, if their vaginal discharge is bloody or has foul smell then they must get themselves examined.

Hormonal Imbalance

Treat Hormonal Imbalances In Women

Oestrogen is the hormone that is responsible for creating and thickening of inner uterine lining called endometrium. If there is an increase or imbalance in this hormone then it can lead to excessive cell growth which can turn cancerous. If you have oestrogen imbalance, you must get yourself checked for the uterine cancer.

Pain During Intercourse

The cancer can cause obstructions in the vaginal path or the opening of the uterus. Intercourse in this condition can lead to rupture and erosion of the uterine lining due to friction caused during the intercourse.

Pain During Intercourse

If you experience pain most of the time after intercourse without any known reason and the pain emanates from abdomen and not the vaginal tract, it could indicate cancerous or non-cancerous growth in the uterus.

Lower Back or Abdominal Pain

Sometimes the excessive growth of tissues can put pressure at the end of spine or even lower abdomen. This may translate either in to pain or constant heaviness in the lower back, abdomen or upper thighs. The perception of this state is the same as carrying a baby in advanced stages of pregnancy. You must yourself check the size and shape of your abdomen and if it appears tender or bloated, fix your appointment with the doctor.

Abdominal And Other Kinds Of Pain

Endometrial cancer is the most common type of uterine cancer. Since the symptoms of this cancer are very strong, the usual consultation with the doctor helps in detecting this cancer mostly in the early stages. The course of treatment viz. surgery, medicines, removal of uterus and hormonal therapy depends on the extent of invasion caused by this cancer.

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