5 Excellent Natural Cure For Tonsillitis


Physicians and doctors regard tonsils as the vital part of the immune system. There is some natural defense system in the body of each individual that fights against infections. Tonsils are one among the natural defense systems in our body that acts wonderfully in fighting against bacteria as well as microorganisms.

The tonsils help in filtering out the infections brought by micro organism and bacteria from the body. But, Tonsillitis is a certain condition in an individual when there is a throat pain. This causes severe damage to the entire area surrounding the throat. You can now avail many home remedies to cure tonsillitis in a natural way.

Effective Natural Cure For Tonsillitis

Role Of Fresh Lemon For Tonsillitis

Lemon has become a common as well as an essential ingredient for an Indian kitchen. You can now take a fresh lemon, cut it into pieces. You can squeeze the lemon pieces in a glass filled with water.


The lemon water must be accompanied with 4 tablespoons of natural honey. You can also add half spoon of salt in it. The patient who is suffering from tonsillitis must sip it slowly and get comfort from throat pain.

Benefit Of Milk In Tonsillitis

Milk is seen in almost all the Indian kitchens. Even doctors have agreed about the benefit of milk in treating tonsillitis. To get a natural cure for tonsillitis, you have to boil the milk properly. Pour milk in a glass.It is important to add some pepper powder and a pinch of turmeric powder in it.


This is a wonderful ingredient mixture which must be consumed by the patient for a period of three days on a regular basis.

Fenugreek Seeds In Treating Tonsillitis

You don’t need to be a doctor to eradicate the problem of tonsillitis. There are some simple home remedies that can effectively help you in getting rid of tonsillitis. You can now take one liter of water. Now you must add 2 tablespoons of Fenugreek seeds which are used in cooking.

Fenugreek Seeds

You must keep that in slow flame for half an hour. Then put it out from the flame and allow it to cool for some time. If you are gurgle with this mixture, it can lead to an amazing natural cure for tonsillitis.

Vegetable Juices To Treat Tonsillitis

You must have visited many well-known doctors and physicians. Even after consuming medicine on a regular basis, you might not be satisfied with the health condition related to tonsillitis.

Vegetable Juices

But, now home remedies can be more effective than that of medicines. You can make juices by grating beet and carrot in mixer and drink it to get a natural cure for tonsillitis.

Flowers In Curing Tonsillitis

It is now possible to treat tonsillitis by using Banafsha flower. You can extract these flowers from a botanical garden and boil exactly twelve grams of such flower. You should not boil it in water.

Banafsha Flower

Rather, 50 ml of milk must be used in boiling the flower. You can consume this milk in hot condition after filtering the remains of the flower. The filtered Banafsha flower can be fried in ghee and can be coated around the throat at night to cure tonsillitis.