reduce breast sizeA woman’s breasts are viewed as an important part of her feminine beauty. Every woman desires to have beautiful breasts. But if the breasts are too large and heavy, they can negatively affect your posture and also cause premature sagging, arthritis, breast cancer and back pain.

You can reduce your bust size by performing upper body exercise. They will not only help to burn the fat in the bust area but also tone and tighten your breast and give them a good shape. Overall reduction in your body fat percentage will also decrease the size of your breasts. In fact, breasts are made up of fatty tissues and by burning calories, you not only reduce body weight but also reduce fat from your breasts.

A good exercise program includes aerobic exercise and strength-training exercises. If you are concerned that lifting weight will make your muscles bulky and your aim is getting smaller breasts then stay away lifting heavy weight and concentrate more on fat burning exercises. When you will lose weight, your breasts will be the first place to have the weight loss effect.

Best Exercise For Reduction Of Breast Size

Aerobic Exercises For Burning Calories

The right type of exercise will not only decrease the bust size and burn fatty tissue but will also help to strengthen and firm up the muscles of the breast area. Exercise like brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming, stair stepping, rowing, dancing and kickboxing can help in burning calories.

But before beginning exercises, wear a good sports bra that can support the breast properly and keep them stationary. Do thirty minutes of cardio at least five days a week.


Push-up exercises are beneficial for the chest muscles as well as the shoulder muscles. Lie down on the floor with your face down and shift the weight of your body on your hands and toes, keeping your back straight.

push ups

Now slowly lower yourself down, bending the arms till your chest touches the floor. Now lift your head and shoulder slowly to push yourself up. Again lower yourself down to the floor. Repeat these push ups 15 times, three or four days a week.

Decline Presses

Decline presses can help in toning and tightening the chest area. All you need is a bench and dumbbells. Lie down on a bench on your back. Hold the dumbbells in both the hands firmly. Stretch your arms up and slowly bring your arms down until they are by your sides. Repeat this exercise at least 15 times.

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Incline Presses

Breasts are actually fatty tissues and not made up of muscles. But exercising the muscles that are beneath the breast can tone your breasts by reducing its size and by lifting and tightening them.

incline presses

For incline presses, lie on the bench with your back straight. Hold the dumbbells firmly, with your arms extended above the head. Now slowly bring back the dumbbells down towards the chest. Repeat at least 15 times.

Toning Chest Muscles With Equipment

There are equipments available for toning the chest muscles. A PEC Dec machines is usually found in the health centers for stretching the chest muscles. Pushing the levers several times and returning back to stretch the chest muscle will help to lift your breasts and firm them.

This will give your breasts good shape. Similarly, chest-fly machines can also help to tone the chest muscles by pulling the handles.