Exercise To Increase Female Libido


Exercise To Increase Female Libido Feeling a little down in the dumps lately? Not feeling sexually active like you used to? And find it too embarrassing to talk about your sexual problems with someone, even a doctor? Then here’s the perfect solution for you! Read On!

Women and Loss of Libido

If you are born a woman, you definitely know that there are certain stages in your life when you would feel less inclined to enjoy sex or be sexually active with your partner. You would find it hard to satisfy yourself and your partner and would even find it difficult to reciprocate his feelings when it comes to having sex.

Usually called loss of libido, this condition is fairly common in women and can be caused by a number of factors ranging from hormonal changes and physical disorders to psychological conditions like stress, trauma or depression etc.Whatever be the cause, loss of libido in females is not a cause for concern and can be easily treated with the right combination of drugs, exercises and counseling sessions.

Exercises to Increase Female Libido

Drugs and counseling sessions apart, there are certain exercises that can energize you and make you feel sexually charged and active. Aimed at positively impacting the hormones in the body, these exercises would effectively take care of low libido levels and the reasons for the same.

Kegel Exercises

One of the most popular exercises recommended for women with low libido levels is the Kegel exercise. Although there are different variants of the original exercise, all of them would be aimed at strengthening the pelvic and vaginal muscles in the body.

Increase Female Libido

The pelvic muscles are responsible for stimulating the sexual function in women. Strong vaginal muscles would lead to longer and stronger orgasms while strong pelvic muscles would support increased blood flow to the sexual organs, thereby increasing the sex drive by leaps and bounds.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Conditions like stress, depression, trauma triggered by high cortisol levels can sometimes lead to a reduced sex drive in females. This can be taken care of by opting for cardiovascular exercises that help increase the blood circulation to the sexual organs in addition to reducing the cortisol levels in the body. This in turn would take care of conditions like stress and depression and would trigger increased sex drive and pleasure.

Weight Lifting

Testosterone is a hormone in the body that is directly related to the proper functioning of the sexual organs. And even though women produce just about one tenth the amount of testosterone as produced by men, they still stand high chances of being affected by the hormone.

Female Libido exercise

Boosting the testosterone levels in the body would enable women to feel sexually active and energetic. And that can be achieved by weight training. By concentrating on the large muscle groups in the body and making it a point to not train on the same area of the body consecutively, women can boost the testosterone levels in their body and enjoy increased libido levels and orgasm strength.

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Pelvic Floor Muscles

Although Kegel exercises are considered the best options to strengthen the pelvic and vaginal muscles, there are plenty of other kinds of pelvic exercises that help achieve the same effect in females. Opting for a good combination of Kegel and other forms of pelvic floor exercises would enable women to increase their libido levels and enjoy sex.


The power of Yoga is limitless. In addition to keeping one slim, trim, active, and disease free (in many cases), yoga also has the power to treat sexual conditions like loss of libido.

Increase Female Libido through exercise

The practice combines meditation and exercise appropriately to increase sexual energy and stimulation in the body. There are different styles of yoga that can help one achieve higher sexual pleasures with the Tantric Yoga being the most popular form in this front.