Exercises Post Breast Augmentation
One needs to exercise to remain fit. Exercise is recommended when your physical health is good or not good. Even if you have undergone a surgery, your body needs to be in motion to bring the blood flowing in the operated part.
The types and levels of exercise vary in different conditions but exercise is required. And Breast Augmentation is no different. It is good to exercise or massage the augmented breast so that the patient feels normal and comfortable with the modification in the body. Also, if done in the right manner avoids the chance of second surgery.

Exercise always does not mean doing strenuous exercise which makes you huff and puff. Post Breast augmentation it is good to take some rest and when you hit back exercising don’t pounce on your body, instead begin with light walks and do it in moderation; after 3-4 weeks pass, start with light jogging.

Exercises Post Breast Augmentation

The exercises for breast augmentation are to be done with the knowledge and prescription of your surgeon. Let’s see a few of them.

Hold your breasts in your respective palm and push them in the outermost corner of their respective pocket. This can help in overcoming the scar caused by the surgery to a certain extent. Hold the breast in every position for a few seconds.

Circling your Arm and Rolling of shoulders are also recommended after surgery. Outstretch your arm and circle them in both directions 10 to 15 times and relax. Stretch your arms again and roll your shoulders in clockwise and then anticlockwise directions, both sides 10 to 15 times and relax. While rolling shoulders push them up towards the ears and try touching them. This exercise helps in settling of the implants in their respective areas.

Push your implanted breast gently from the lower most circular line, so that the breast from the top appears fuller. This massage technique helps create some space in the upper portion of the breast. Holding time shall be about 3 seconds and repetitions can be done four to five times in a day.

Compress your breast in its area and push them left and right. This exercise allows the artificial implants to move freely in their area and does not let the scar tissue to develop. The squeezing of the breast has to be done within the area it is supposed to be confined.

This exercise depends on the kind of implants you have got. This is strictly for patients who have got sub- muscular implants. No other category of people is supposed to do this exercise. This exercise helps develop cleavage with the new artificial implants. Cross both hands and hold the breasts. Gently push the breasts simultaneously towards center of the chest. This exercise can be done twice a day.

Important note for Type of Implants

Apart from these exercises it is very important to note that starting to exercise or doing the stretching and massaging of breast depends strongly on the kind of implants; if your implants are made of silicon gel it is best not to touch them at least for 6 weeks or when recommended by the surgeon. Also the kind of surgery you have undergone also categorizes your type of exercise. Taking note of all these information will surely help you exercise your augmented breasts in the right way.