Exercises That Help Increase Sexual Stamina


Exercises That Help Increase Sexual Stamina If you find yourself tiring out right in between a steamy sexual act, and if you find this situation repeating itself every time you have sex with your partner, chances are that your body is not fit enough to last the entire duration of the sex session, be it just five minutes or even half an hour.

There are plenty of ways to regain sexual stamina and most individuals who want to achieve the same opt for certain foods that can help them stay sexually active and healthy. However, in addition to including these foods in your regular diet, there are a few exercises that can improve your health and vigor in bed.

Exercises That Help Increase Sexual Stamina

Arm Muscles

It is a known fact that sex requires physical strength which would be targeted on the upper body as well. Considering the fact that you might use your arms quite frequently during sex, you would need to make sure that they are capable of handling pressure. So it doesn’t hurt to opt for regular free weight sessions to tone your arm muscles a bit.

Abdominal Muscles

Next come the abdominal muscles which are considered very essential contributors of increased sexual energy. The abdominal muscles are responsible for thrusting the groin forward and releasing it during sex, repeating the same process multiple times.

And so if you want to enjoy a long, sensual bed time romp with your girl, opt for some basic abdominal exercises to keep them trimmed and you active throughout the session. Simple crunches and sit ups can do wonders to tone the belly muscles in no time at all.

Groin Muscles

If your groin muscles are stiff, there are high chances of you developing muscle pain after indulging in sex. This can be thwarted by making sure that your groin is able to stretch to its maximum limit during sexual intercourse. And the best way to do that is to opt for exercises that target the groin (like basic groin stretches).

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It is also known that the groin muscles are responsible for those hard erections. And so, if you feel you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or other similar issues, opt for exercises that would increase the blood flow in the groin muscles and help you enjoy sex with harder, longer erections before opting to see a doctor about the issue.

Leg Muscles

The last thing you want to happen during a steamy session of sex is a painful cramp that can force you to get out of bed midway. The quads and calves in the body have a knack of developing cramps during sex and if you want to avoid that, you need to opt for exercises that enable your leg to stretch and be more flexible.

Other Factors that Can Help

Sex is not just a physical experience but an emotional journey as well. And the best way to enjoy it to the fullest would be to keep an open mind, free of stress, tensions or other thoughts that could disrupt your mood.

Give sufficient time for your mind to relax before having sex. Push out all negative thoughts from your head. This would ensure that both your mind and body get involved in the session and let you actually enjoy sex instead of just going through it like a mechanized doll.