Expert Tips On Foot Care For Soft, Supple Feet

When it comes to beauty, it’s not just the face that counts, but your whole body. And you sure are not going to turn any heads around if you end up at a party looking gorgeous above and disastrously ugly below (no pun intended).

By below, I mean to point out the feet that tend to be the most ignored parts of the body. Many individuals that they don’t need to take the time to take care of their feet when they wash the same at least twice or thrice every day.

Alas! There’s more to feet care apart from just washing them every day. And here are some of those extra tips that can make your feet more hygienic, healthy and absolutely divine.

The Importance Of Regular Washes

Of course the first part of a perfect foot care regime deals with washing your feet every day. And when I mean every day, it’s not just once every day but at least twice or thrice a day. Once during the day, soak your feet in a soapy solution (lukewarm water is preferred) for about 15 minutes before washing the solution off with cold water. Use a lukewarm mild soapy solution to wash your feet on a regular basis. Dry them with a clean towel and apply a good foot nourishing cream evenly.

The Importance Of Scrubbing Your Feet

Your feet are more prone to developing dry skin that can possibly cause cracks with time. And so, in addition to soaking and washing your feet every day, make it a point to scrub them on a regular basis. This would remove any dead skin cells that might have collected on the skin surface, thereby preventing the formation of dry skin and cracks.

The Importance Of Exfoliation

Soaking your feet in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes would make the skin on them soft and tender. This would be the right time to remove dead skin cells, calluses and corns. You can do the same using a pumice stone.

The Importance Of Drying Your Feet Properly

Most of us end to just pat our feet dry after washing them without giving heed to tiny droplets of water that could be hiding here and there. Most of these droplets happen to collect between the toes. Leaving these places wet will lead to the formation of bacteria, fungi and microbes, thereby causing severe foot infections. Whenever you dry your feet after washing them, make it a point to dry in particular, the areas in between the toes in order to avoid pathogenic infections.

The Importance Of Moisturizing Well

Washing and drying should be automatically followed by moisturizing. For this would the only way that your feet retain their moisture levels for extended periods. Accordingly, before you retire for the day, wash your feet, dry them nicely and apply a good quality moisturizer or cream (possibly one with tea tree oil) to keep them soft and radiant. Do not apply moisturiser in between the toes though. These areas should remain dry to prevent infections.

The Importance Of Sun Protection

You can also use sun screens on your feet. This would protect your feet from the harmful UV rays of the sun whenever you step out in your sandals or peep toe shoes.

The Importance Of De-Odorizing

Smelly feet can be quite an embarrassing issue. In order to deal with the same effectively, make sure that you use a good quality antiperspirant on your feet to absorb the excess sweat produced in them. Alternatively you can use charcoal shoe inserts as well which help to absorb foot odour as well. Do not use deodorants though as they may harm the skin on your feet.

The Importance Of Nail Care

Long finger nails – I can understand. But long toe nails? That for me is a complete turn off. Toe nails need to be trimmed properly so that they stay well within the boundaries of the toes. So cutting them once a week would be apt. Again, nail care does not just imply trimming your nails and then forgetting about everything else. The cuticles in the toes also play important roles in determining the beauty of your feet. And so, you need to make sure that they are taken care of properly as well.

Accordingly, you can soak your feet in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes, after which you can cut the toe nails in addition to using a wooden stick (a blunt one please) to push the cuticles. Do not at any point try to cut the cuticles as this may lead to infections.

The Importance Of Proper Footwear

Long hours of taking care of your feet will wear off within minutes if you slip into shoes that are not comfortable at all. So ditch those stylish shoes that you find difficult to wear and opt for more comfortable choices that could look pretty and make your feet look dainty as well.