4 Factors Affecting Breast Implant Size

Factors Affecting Breast Implant Size

Most of the females go for breast implant to change the size of the breast so that they become proportionate to the body size. Some of the females like to have big breast while some are worried due to the bigger size. The expectation of the breast size should be realistic as if you want to get a bigger size then this will attract some complications and another surgery may be required to get rid of the complications. This will take excessive recovery time and more money also. So too larger breast is not at all recommended to anybody. Now the question is on which factors one should choose the right breast implant size. Before going to a surgeon for the breast implant first decide on which type of breast and size you want.

You can take pictures from various sources to the doctor and show it so that the surgeon can have the idea on what you are looking for. But as the anatomy of every person is different so the result may vary slightly with the pictures. Some people take the cup size as the mode to tell the breast size to the surgeon but this is not a right choice as cup size ideas differ from person to person and results may be different from what you were looking for.

How to Choose the Right Size Breast Implant

Natural or Fake

Choose The Right Size Breast Implant

Every woman has different choices so you should choose the size keeping in mind whether you want to give natural or fake look of your breasts. The natural breasts have a natural slope and the size will look natural after the breast implant while fake is the breast size that is round and it looks like unnatural or something is placed at the place of the breast.

Another idea is to go for neither natural nor fake size. It will look like the breast of a model as they go for this type of breast implant. It’s up to you on which type of breast implant you want to have according to your body structure.


The decision for a particular breast size should be taken after keeping in mind your lifestyle as sportswomen and yoga trainers cannot have bigger breast sizes. In the same way, too small breast size will affect the mothers as they will find it difficult to feed their babies.

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Choose Medium Size Breast Implant

The bigger breast size opens its way to many other complications like bottoming out, changes in the sensation, infection or unsatisfactory results. So the medium size breast implant is the best breast implant size which will minimize all types of risks.

Choice of a Surgeon

Make sure that the surgeon who will do the surgery have full knowledge of the procedures and have the formal education from a renowned college and must have done earlier breast implants as inadequate knowledge of the surgeon will put you in danger.
Choose A Best Surgeon


The change in the size of the breast with the breast implant is very good for flat chest females as they can also feel the pleasure of having good breasts. The clothing helps to conceal the breast implant. The loose fitting tops help to hide the actual size of the breast. So avoid wearing form-fitting clothes so that you can disguise your actual size.

4 Factors Affecting Breast Implant Size