Facts About Breast Cancer

Facts About Breast Cancer Breast Cancer, the malignancy that starts in the breasts and may pervade to other parts of the mammary gland, is one of the most common forms of cancer effecting women across the globe. Breast Cancer in found in two different forms namely Ductal Carcinoma which has its origin in the ducts or tubes within the breasts and Lobular Carcinoma which evolves from the lobules which are responsible for producing milk.

With an increasing number of women being diagnosed for this disease, it becomes important to go through certain facts about Breast Cancer which help in spreading awareness and taking precautionary measures against this painful condition.

Some Important Facts about Breast Cancer

Malignant or Benign in Nature

Breast Cancer, as we all know, is a malignant tumor which starts developing in the cells present inside the breast. Malignant cells are referred to those groups of cells which have the ability of invading the nearby regions and metasizing to different and distant regions in the body system.

Though most tumors present in the breast are benign or non cancerous in nature and do not cause any life threatening symptoms, their presence inside the body increases the risks of being diagnosed for cancerous growth and development of cells in future.

Highest Figures for Patients Diagnosed for Breast Cancer

As in the year 2008, there were reports of over 182,460 new patients being diagnosed for invasive Breast Cancer in North America. Notching the top position on the chart of countries with increasing number of Breast Cancer incidences, the country is getting tough competition from other countries as well.

Facts About Breast Cancer

With over 2.5 million survivors of Breast Cancer in the United States alone, the disease is fast spreading and requires immediate attention and prevention. It has been proved that white women are more likely to be diagnosed for Breast Cancer but the percentage of women dying due the disease is higher in the case of those with an African origin.

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Deaths Due to Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is also reported to be the second most important cause for cancer related deaths in women. However, in the last few years the percentage of patients succumbing to Breast Cancer have decreased due to more effective measures of treatment and early detection of its various signs and symptoms.

With one in every eight woman across the globe being diagnosed for Breast Cancer at some point of life or other, the concerns regarding the disease are certainly on the rise. Over 33 percent of patients diagnosed for Breast Cancer die due to the diseases; which makes its early detection and treatment all the more crucial.


With more women than men being diagnosed for the disease across the world, it has been proved that one of the main causes of Breast Cancer is connected with gender and age. Women aged over 50 years are more likely to be detected for the symptoms of Breast Cancer. Along with family history, genetic composition and the period of onset of the menstrual cycle, the causes of Breast Cancer are also connected with over consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Facts About Breast Cancer

The deadly nature of Breast Cancer makes it important for every woman to have the basic knowledge and awareness about the nature, causes, symptoms and treatment procedures of the disease.

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